By existing in a state of continually staying present you will find peace. You will enjoy a tranquil state of happiness because you have let go of the struggle with your past and future. Many of life’s problems can be connected to these moments. How you see your past or what is to come often overrules our existence in the moment we are in. If you were to exist fully in the now of the moment, without clinging to issues of your past or worry for the future, there is nothing but being.

Sounds simple enough, by letting go of your past and future you are free to find true happiness and peace within yourself. Yet it is surprising how often, in very short periods of time, we take ourselves on these little trips. Going backwards or jumping forwards when the only true place we are is the moment we are in. How much time do you think you spend feeling or thinking about your past or future? How often do you journey forward worrying about what might come or what you should do? How many times have you brought up old memories or emotions so you could drag yourself backwards? It is unhealthy and not real to exist in this way. Yet all of us do it, it serves no positive purpose in the end; it just creates more problems. The more we do it the further we are from finding peace and being at ease. Sometimes it feels uncontrollable but it is not.

We give ourselves the freedom and even desire to journey constantly forward and backward. If you could, even for a moment, feel yourself stay present and grounded, it is a relief. It is like allowing yourself to breathe after holding your breath for your whole life. Try, in measures, to pull yourself back to the present. When you feel yourself drift, try not to let the journey overcome you, end the trip before it can fully begin. Remind yourself happiness comes by being fully present. It will not be reached in your past or future for they are either over or have not begun and so do not exist. Happiness and peace exist now, right now, not yesterday or tomorrow. For in truth, you only really have today.

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I found myself from a very early age always seeking, on a constant quest to understand. I feel most comfortable learning and this desire correlates with a need to connect and help others. That is why in the beginning I chose acupuncture as a career, it seemed like a perfect fit. But I found a lack of compassion directed towards the center of being, not only in myself but others. I ended up in a situation that changed all this. I found who I was and who I am meant to be. It all clicked and came together. My desire for knowledge and eternal desire to really see and help others has brought me to this place in time, to this place with you. Allow me to help you feel complete, like stepping into that perfect spot, that place meant for you in your own life. Connect and feel the difference not only in yourself but in world around you.
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