In todays modern and busy life schedule, stress is invenitable and unavoidable. Stress is one of the top causes of many cronic diseases and should be managed well at all costs. Fortunately we are gifted with sauna treatment or spa treatment with new infrared sauna systems. These systems are very useful to in bringing relief from all sorts of symptoms and health problems. Saunas are the ultimate way to calm down, relax and warm up after a stressful day. During a sauna session, your body heats up and will naturally begin to detoxify itself.

Saunas have been used for centuries now. The first saunas were found through Finland and were very simple enclosures where rocks were heated up and mixed with water to produces steam which warmed the air up. This concept is still used today in traditional saunas, where a heater warms up sauna rocks and the user will add water to the rocks to raise the temperature inside. This is ancient technology, has been improved a lot with the addition of far infrared heating. Infrared saunas do not use steam or moisture to heat up. They produce infrared rays which are readily absorbed by out bodies , so they actually heat the body up rather than surround it with hot air.

Since infrared saunas induce a very small very small fever in our bodies, they boost immune functions and cause a deeper sweat which eliminated much more toxins though sweat. Today , infrared saunas have become the proven leader for providing health benefits over all other saunas. They can help in various problematic health conditions like stress reduction, skin problems, high blood pressure, and pain relief. Immune function is also boosted as mentioned earlier. For a more detailed explanation of each benefit , please see my full Sauna Benefits page.

Another benefit of an far-infrared sauna is that they can help you lose weight via burning calories. While inside an infrared sauna, your body will heat up significantly and begin to try to cool itself off. It expends lots of energy in the cooling off process and in turn burns calories. A single therapeutic session has been proved to burn about the same calories as a 30 minute job. This makes them a viable supplement to exercise. It is not recommended to use a sauna as your sole source of weight loss, however if added to a diet and exercise plan they have been proven to speed up weight loss. Infrared saunas have also been shown to help people who have been unsuccessful in their previous weight loss attempts. This is because infrared rays and the deep sweating caused by them will help eliminate toxins which may have been inhibiting prior weight loss attempts.

Infrared saunas are the latest “big thing” in high technology health. If you are looking a new way to enhance your life, lose weight or need a treatment to an existing health problem , be sure to try infrared sauna treatment or therapy. There is too much info on these benefits to include in one article, to please see our homepage for more info on Infrared Saunas , Sauna Technology and more !

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