There is a drug rehab in Texas that has helped around 20,000 people get treatment for drug abuse. The center is privately owned and operated and provides a family-like environment for the patients. The treatment is designed to meet the spiritual, physical and psychological needs of the patient. The treatment program for drug rehab in Texas includes clinical practices. The treatment program is customized to meet each patient’s requirement.


At the alcohol and drug treatment center in Texas, the patients can use the state- of- the- art gym and has access to a personal trainer. The center has applied pet therapy to improve the treatment experience. The new trend in healthcare is to use animal-assisted therapy. It has been found that the response is very good. Individuals can deal with a lot of psychological issues while getting treated for disorders of substance use.


Why do most patients choose Drug Rehab in Texas - It is certified by the joint commission and leads in the treatment of drug abuse. They offer the best treatment for drug and alcohol abuse at a reasonable price. The treatment program is covered by care insurance companies managed in-network so that families and individuals can afford the treatment program.


They have two types of in-patient rehabilitation program, one is of 30 days and the other is of 90 days. If you want to be free of drug and alcohol then you can join the program.


Different Types of Programs - They have different types of programs at Alcohol and Drug Treatment Center in Texas which include

  • Medical Detoxification
  • Inpatient treatment in Texas
  • Pet therapy
  • Family Drug Rehabilitation Program
  • 10 Day Drug Detox and Stabilization
  • Intensive Outpatient Treatment in Dallas Texas
  • Alcohol Rehab in Texas
  • Adult Addiction programs in Texas


The drug rehab center in Texas has 33 years of experience in dealing with people suffering from drug and alcohol addiction and work to give them a lasting recovery from the menace.


How does the treatment work - The drug rehab center in Texas wants to provide a lasting recovery for men and women suffering from drug and alcohol abuse. They have high –quality drug detox services and drug rehab to help people to recover. They are providing special pricing for a 30-day program to help individuals and families affected by drug abuse.


Families interested to know more about it can contact the admission department. During the last few years, the center has noticed that individuals who would like to join the center to get rid of their drug abuse are struggling with the medical bills. The cost of healthcare is rising day by day and the Texas center would like people having drug abuse problem to avail of this special facility.



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Summary; Families and individuals having drug and alcohol abuse problems can avail of the special pricing offered by Drug Rehab in Texas