There is a health center in San Diego that provides affordable, caring, health –care of high quality to everyone especially people with low income, uninsured and underserved. The services that they provide include:

  • Prenatal and pediatric services
  • Adult services
  • Dental services
  • Vision services
  • Mental health services

The health center in San Diego provides medical care and educates supports and nurtures mothers about what they can expect during pregnancy until the birth of the little one. Every patient is treated with utmost respect and dignity from conception to delivery. They have a team of OB/GYN who is board certified and provide medical care during the entire period of pregnancy which includes lab tests, ultrasound, postpartum visits, and referrals.

Wide Range of Services offered by Health Center in San Diego

Patients get individual counseling to assess the physical changes that take place during pregnancy and post-delivery like fetal development and common discomforts. The patients are also taught what to expect during the first few weeks of pregnancy and the benefits of breastfeeding. They are taught how to produce enough milk and to use a breast pump and more

The staffs at the health center in San Diego teach patients to make a healthy choice of food and how this food can affect the developing baby. Patients also meet registered dieticians and nutritionists to discuss the required weight gain during pregnancy and ways to lose weight after the birth of the baby.

Nutrition Center

A very important aspect of good health is nutrition. In San Diego, there are nutrition centers where dieticians and nutritionists collaborate with therapists, doctors and healthcare providers to prepare a customized diet to help people meet their health goals.

They have individual counseling as well as group counseling for people who have been referred to them by their doctors. The patients will meet the dieticians 1 – 3 times depending on their individual needs. The first visit will access the background and history of the person. The second visit will involve guidance in preparing meals and the third visit will involve referrals to other services such as therapy to achieve their goals.

Nutrition Services

In San Diego, there are nutrition centers that help the seniors to achieve nutritional health. Seniors are provided meals at different nutrition centers which are provided by Aging and Independence Service. The meals are also delivered to seniors at their homes by older Americans Act funding. The meals are provided to seniors above the age of 60 and more  at different centers during the week.

This helps elders to enjoy better nutritional facilities and take care of their health. At the centers, the aged can also get to know about other facilities that are available.


If you want to enjoy good health you can join Health center San Diego which will collaborate with a Nutrition center to help you achieve your goals.

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