Houston, Texas townhomes are one of the fastest growing types of housing for many reasons. Aside from being an upper scale standard of living, they are virtually maintenance free, offer quite a bit of space and are usually less expensive than if the homebuyer were to purchase a single family home. The townhomes are a private home and residents enjoy having their own living space and their own piece of real estate that is building equity. For those that are looking for a property to invest in, they are a wonderful choice and a choice that many Texans are looking towards a townhome when purchasing a new home to live.

Houston Townhomes

Houston Townhomes are not just for the young professionals, they are for everyone. Houston townhomes offer a unique style of living that is very attractive to all ages. For those that enjoy multi-level living definitely will be attracted to Houston townhomes as they can be found in two and three-story residences.

Townhomes are individually owned, but interconnected. Another great feature of Houston townhomes is that they are located in some of the best locations in Houston. For those that enjoy an upper scale type of living, a stylish home that is high quality construction and affordable, townhomes are definitely a wonderful choice.

Houston townhomes are considered upper scale living because they are a step up from an apartment or condominium. The floor plans in townhomes are usually providing much more living space than either the apartment or condominium and there is typically more privacy as you are not on top or below another resident.

Homebuyers will find a variety of townhomes for sale in Houston in all different price ranges with different amenities. There are some absolutely fabulous townhomes such as the Houston Free Standing Gated Community that offers 2400 square foot homes with large rooftop terraces on the fourth story. The townhomes offer an open 2nd floor, living w/ formals, gas log fireplace and balcony, gourmet island kitchen, master suite, large bedroom with full both, oak hardwoods, 12' ceilings and exception models.

Other townhomes include Lake Property, which is another fabulous community with three bedroom townhomes with hardwood flooring. Other features include age big rooms, living and dining room, master bedroom, study, soaring ceilings, double crown molding, gas log fireplace and walkout balcony.

Houston Galleria is another townhome that offers a wonderful lifestyle to many. These townhomes are a contemporary loft-style with a private back yard. The interior consists of stained concrete and stained pine flooring with high ceiling and an abundance of natural light. The third floor features the master bedroom. Other rooms include a living room, dining room and kitchen.

These are just a few of the wonderful Houston townhomes that are available for homebuyers in Houston. When shopping for a Houston townhome, homebuyers should contact a real estate agent that specializes in real estate in the area. Houston townhomes are affordable and they do provide a truly unique style of living with some being as many as three to four stories high.

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