Summer is a season for renewal, a time to wipe the slate clean and begin anew.

Here are some tips to kick start your inner goddess!

Detox your closet. Get rid of anything that doesn't fit right, is worn or no longer serves a purpose in your wardrobe.

Switch your moisturizer to a lighter version. You no longer need a heavier moisturizer. Look for one that has a SPF built into it or make sure you add a SPF to your morning routine. SPF 15 is the minimum or SPF 30 if you will be working outdoors. Do not ignore your throat, chest, back of hands; the areas that are the first tell tale signs of aging.

Do you have a new fitness activity you want to try? A new video, or a new type of training? Go for it! Time to shock the system!

Buy new running shoes. Toss the winter sneakers. Go to a store that can fit you based on the activity(ies) you enjoy for the ultimate fit.

Invest in a new summer workout. Between the new shoes and the outfit you will feel excited to get that body moving!

Go for a professional steam facial to clear out the pores. Get your goddess glow back!


In good health,
Jennifer Ettinger, MA., CPT

Author's Bio: 

Since 2006 when Jennifer Ettinger founded Fit Your Style®, she has been dedicated to helping women reclaim and harmonize their lives in the areas of body, beauty, mind and spirit. Jennifer reclaimed her own life after being diagnosed with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, relying on healthy eating, exercise and meditation, and she wants to share her experience with others for their best health, wellness and happiness. Fit Your Style® is far from a fad. Built on Jennifer’s stellar credentials in fashion, cosmetics, fitness and health, Fit Your Style® offers true substance on top of what’s trendy.