You may feel that results are important. But if the end result is all that you can see then it may lead to disillusionment. If you see a cat trapped in a well wouldn’t you prefer taking it out of the well? Do you see the result first or do you tend to think of ways to get the cat out of the well. If you see the result first and the benefits that you will get out of this activity then it is not going to help the cause directly. You need to want to work constructively to achieve your ends. This is true with respect to your education and learning in general as well.

If you approach a problem try and record what goes on in your mind. Try and record the questions that creep up in your mind. Are they related to the subject or are they more to do with your apprehensions about being able to learn it? If it is the latter then you are more worried about the end result. There are two problems with thinking about the end result without working towards it. One is that you are still driven by an incentive and this incentive is what drives you. If this incentive were not there then you may not achieve the desired learning experience. Two; if the driving force is fear then the result will typically be a nightmare. Instead if you are more keen on solving problems; thinking of ways to find answers to questions and ways to comprehend what is being taught you are said to be thinking on the right lines.

It may be suggested as a matter of drive that you need to be inspired to learn. The advantages of finding your inspiration are many. You do not notice the effort that you put in. You do not worry about the end result and this means that there is nothing external to you that is motivating or inhibiting your learning. You read more about the subject that is taught. You begin thinking and with practice your thinking skills get sharpened. Finding your inspiration is an exercise that is recommended as it involves your emotions as well. If you read about a scientist and if you get inspired by his/her efforts then you may without your knowledge find the drive to contribute towards the subject in which the scientist you admire has specialized in. Online tutors are more than eager to help you find you inspiration. By finding your inspiration you reach academic heights purely by motivation from within rather than from without.

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