Have you ever forced to deal with the consequences of unqualified hair cut or dyeing? Of course yes! Every person at least once in his or her life was horrified with a new hairstyle. Unfortunately, it is very difficult to find a good hairdresser today. Thousand of new salons entice us with different shares, bonuses, famous names, and exotic styling techniques. Bad hairstyle not only can worsen your mood, but also disrupt some important meeting, or spoil so coveted date. So, is it possible to define a good stylist before he kills your strands? As strange as it may sound, but yes, you can do it simply asking these five questions. Our professionals at Hair Salon in NYC advise you to discuss these basic items before trusting your locks to someone.

Silence is your worst enemy
As strange as it may sound but hair stylists cannot read your thoughts! If you want to get services of the highest quality, you have to express your ideas and desires clearly so your hairdressers can bring them to life. In case you want to make some radical changes in your appearance, but still, in doubt, you can consult with a stylist and get a professional opinion. All possible pictures, magazine cuts, photos and celebrity examples are welcomed. They will help to create a clear vision of your future look.

Define your style
Choosing a new hairstyle you have to keep in mind your style and how do you usually wear your hair. You should utter it to your stylist for him to consider it too. Do you have straight or naturally wavy strands? What parting you prefer? Do you use a blow dryer or let your hair air dry? Do you like wearing ponytails? It all matters! Answers to these questions are like small hints to your hairdresser that will determine your perfect new cut.

Hair treating routine
Your hair type determines the frequency of your head washing, its dryness and the amount of natural oil your scalp produces. You hairstylist can help you to find proper care products for your strands, define whether you have some hair problems and tell how to deal with them. Salon treatment usually has a miraculous effect on locks, so you can be sure you get the best styling and care services. Your stylist can even prompt you what hair care brands you should stick to and what remedies you should stay away of.

Consider your previous experience
Let you hairdresser know about your previous successes and failures in haircutting. Clarify if you recently get your hair colored, so he can take all necessary precautions and save your hair from possible damage.

Don’t be shy
Don’t be afraid to speak with your stylist and ask lots of questions. Pay attention what styling product he uses and how he does it. Notice some special styling techniques, try to reproduce it at home and create the same stunning salon look every single day.
If you want to find some more interesting information about how to ease your hair routine and, as a result, life, visit our Hair Salon in NYC.

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