This classification of Best Mattresses of 2020, will serve as a starting point to know which are the mattresses with the best benefits that will be available this year in our store at

You have recently determined that you want to renew your old mattress and you are still not clear about the best options that the market offers for your specific rest needs.

You are very clear about the mattress you need, but you want to see more options and/or make sure that the mattress you have decided on, will meet all your expectations.

Below we give you all the keys for you to choose from among all the mattresses that are part of our Ranking, the one that will best adapt to you.

At Nyrod, we have a large team of specialized sleep advisers with more than 6 years of experience.

In our online store, we have exhibitions, which bring together a wide variety of mattresses from the best brands, both nationally and internationally. Every day, clients with all kinds of tastes, weights, and sizes stop by our stores and try our mattresses.

The mattress models that we display are continuously rotating and we only maintain in our stores those that achieve a high satisfaction rate among a representative number of customers.

To all this, we add our exclusive mattress analysis system: These tests consist of the fact that every time a customer feels indecisive when he is about to buy a mattress in a store and does not know which model to choose, a pressure blanket with more than 1500 sensors is placed on the mattress.

When the user lies down, the blanket creates a map of the pressures their back receives in each posture.

This heat map shows the areas of the body that receive the most pressure and the least. After an analysis of the pressure distribution, the sleeper can decide, with empirical data, for that mattress that provides greater general pressure relief during rest.


Because at Nyrod Mattress Express, we are very aware that during the few minutes a mattress is tested in a store, the user can't get a real idea of ​​how the mattress will behave during the nights of the next 10 years.

We offer our clients more technical and advanced advice, which offers them a greater guarantee and reliability in choosing their rest equipment. By combining your personal feelings, the experience of our advisers, and the results of our SleepTest; We maximize the precision of our recommendations.

The experiences collected by the thousands of clients we live during the year, allows us to determine which are the Best Mattresses for 2020. In short, our ranking summarizes the following criteria:

The impressions of our clients in the first lying on the mattress, in each of our physical stores.
The average results of the SleepTests carried out on people with different physiognomies and rest needs, in each of the models on display.

The number of incidents registered in each mattress model sold. This introduces to the experience that in most of the mattresses that we sell in the web and most steps, we offer a 100-night rest guarantee, in which the client can test his mattress, at home, from a much more real than in a store. If during this trial period, the sleeper finds that the mattress is not suitable for his needs, he can change it for another one.

This data allows us to study, on the one hand, the quality of the advice we offer to our clients, and on the other hand, the prolonged behavior over time of each of the mattresses we have for sale, as well as the stability and comfort level. what are you offering?

Recommendations and expert opinions of the different manufacturers, with whom we work. With which we continually exchange impressions and ideas, to select from among the wide variety of models that exist in each of the catalogs, those that we consider being the best acceptance will have among the different types of sleepers.

Our hard research work continues through the constant search for the best mattresses and the most innovative rest systems, at the most important Exhibitions and Fairs around the world that we attend regularly.

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It's advised that you go with a bit softer option than for a back sleeper as these they provide for an equal distribution of pressure while you're sleeping on your side. Ideally, you want to choose a mattress with firmness level of 3-6 (out of 10) which falls under medium soft.