You may be newly unemployed, laid off or retired. You may need to return to work for financial reasons.

That may feel like a disaster and a dilemma, but it's also an opportunity to re-create your life in a way that is fulfilling and can be financially rewarding too.

Maybe you're ready for a change after years of working at the wrong job.
Or perhaps you're tired of always putting other people's needs first.
Perhaps you're aware that you don't have forever to keep putting off your dreams.

Well, you’re right!

Whatever the reason, you are now facing the opportunity to finally choose the path that is right for you, to find your right work.

How will you go about finding that "right work" that will give meaning and satisfaction to your life?

The secret lies in connecting to your purpose, the part of your soul's reason for being here that has to do with your contribution to the world.

We all have such a purpose. You do too.
When you align yourself with your soul's purpose everything falls into place, and doors open that you didn't know were there.

Where is this purpose lurking, you may ask?

The clues to your purpose are everywhere. . . in what you love, what has ever brought you joy, excitement, or pleasure. . . in what you're good at, and what others come to you for. . . in what feels meaningful and fulfilling to you, what deepens your connection to others and the world and your own heart . . in what is calling you, what inspires you or fills you with hope.

It’s time to think outside the box, to dare to dream and envision. If you could do anything, if money were no object – or if you were guaranteed success – what would make your heart sing?

If you were on your deathbed, what would you most regret not having done?
If you were not afraid, what would you go for?

Without concern for whether it seems practical or not, let your imagination roam freely and gather together the memories, visions, and fantasies of what would, for you, make a life worth living.

Maybe the pieces don't fit together in any obvious way at first. That's okay. You'll make sense of them later.

When you have gathered these pieces together, you will want to see where they can lead that could turn into sources of livelihood for you. There are a few ways you could proceed.

One is to go into meditation with these dreams, images, and ideas, and let them cook in your heart. Let your higher wisdom bring you the next level of insight or inspiration that will carry you forward on your path.

Another step you could take is to invite over a few trusted friends who wish for your greatest potential to be realized, who are not limited by the blinders you have on when you view your own life. A brainstorming party is a lot of fun, and it's amazing what resources and brilliance your friends have, when they're thinking together, on behalf of you. After they've helped you, you can reciprocate and create a success team, vision partnership , or mastermind group, where you help each other achieve your goals.

A third option is to hire a transformational career coach, who is trained to help you see the bigger picture, open wide the doors of possibility, pinpoint your purpose, and ground your vision in practical reality, with an action plan and everything. Such a professional will make sure the flame of inspiration continues to burn bright, while bringing your vision into form in a way that you can achieve. She will help you walk those steps toward your true work and will rejoice with you as you start to live your purpose and give your gifts to the world.

Whichever route you choose, this is the perfect time for you to move into alignment with your soul's purpose, find your true work, and achieve the satisfaction and fulfillment that have eluded you. You are being offered that opportunity right now by life. Take it.

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