People do business with people they like. Yet business is more than a popularity contest. It is an opportunity to create human connection that generates creativity and growth. Here are some simple basics!

1. Listen to other people. The most successful people let others talk more than they do.

- Use questions to expand the conversation beyond small talk.

- Ask probing questions to elicit a person’s dreams and passions.

- Uncover ways that you can contribute to others and take action immediately.

2. Compliment others often. Everyone likes to know they’re doing a good job. Be sure to be specific when offering words of encouragement.

- People like to be acknowledged in different ways. Pay attention to each person’s personality style and preferences

- Fast-paced and directed individuals like to be complimented for “taking control” and “achieving results”

- Chatty and personable people enjoy compliments about the “fun and enthusiasm” which they contribute.

- Individuals who look for group consensus and include everyone like to be told that they “create stability” and “help keep everyone on track”

- People that often check details and rules will beam when you tell them that they “maintain high quality standards” and that you appreciate their “attention to detail”.

3. Make a personal connection. Try to stray from using e-mail as a primary form of communication. It will give you a chance to stretch your legs and make a personal impact.

- Your talents, enthusiasm and passion are best communicated in person. Words are only 7% of communication.

Communicate facts on paper and in email. To influence and persuade others, meet them in person.

- Personal connections provide feedback for your own growth. Notice when others take your leadership and when they resist. Observe your comfort level.

- Ask others for direct feedback when appropriate so that you can improve your communication!

Communication is more art than skill. To be great at it you have to pay attention and practice. The good news is that every conversation is a source of feedback. We are all human. Forgiving mistakes and showing gratitude and appreciation flow smoothly.

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