I was recently interviewed and asked for my definition of success; well, for me, true success means that you are living your life on purpose. You have reason, cause, motive and direction.

Once you find your purpose and your destiny, you’ll feel such a sense of alignment and inner peace, because you’re doing what you are supposed to be doing.
Perhaps you’ve discovered that working for a company isn’t your thing. You made a decision to form your own business because you don’t enjoy working for somebody else or for a big company. When you just know deep down that something isn’t for you – well, then it’s time to grow and to find your purpose.

There’s a saying that growth is uncomfortable. And this is so true. When you grow, you’re stretching outside of your box. You’re moving outside of what’s comfortable and familiar to you. But you need to keep pushing, because it’s so much nicer to be in a bigger box! ;-)

Maybe you’ve always known that you would have your own business. It was just a matter of time –and confidence – until you were ready to take that leap of faith. And then, you just went for it.

It is so important to keep that “go for it” attitude. The more you do, the more you are on your purpose and are thriving in life. You are no longer on a treadmill, because you are doing what you’re really passionate about. That alone gives you such a sense of independence and freedom. When you own your business you really can take it wherever you want.

When you are able to do that and share it with the people in your life that matter most, that is success. When you can wake up in the morning and not work because what you are doing is your passion and purpose, that is success.
That is living your life on purpose.

So take charge of your life. Know that everything is possible. Anything you set your mind to, you can achieve.

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Frederique Murphy, formerly a full-time communications and change management consultant, founded Pumpkin & Co. Ltd to focus on her passion: transformation! Her business is the platform to her dreams to passionately help, guide, and empower people, all over the world, to access their full potential, live their life to the fullest and always be true to themselves. Having worked in the field of communications for the last 10 years, she has developed a deep understanding of the power of effective communications and strongly believes that communication is the key ingredient to making powerful, positive and long-lasting changes. As a strong change agent, she believes in guiding her clients through change, making them embrace, manage and maintain it! Whether working for small or large organisations or with individuals, she coaches her clients to help them find solutions to the challenges that they face as they transform themselves and their organisation.