For the past 2 years my life has been amazing, I brought a house, meet my dream partner and all my relationships with family and friends are brilliant, if you were to meet me now, you would have never known that in the previous 4 years I suffered from severe anxiety that left me house bound for long periods.

My life was at a stage were I was suffering from exhaustion; both my mind and body needed a rest. Every corner that I turned I was faced with a stressful situation, this was my reality on a daily basics and with every day that went by, my condition got worse, I felt completely detached from myself and I feared everything, my life was completely control by my anxiety.

From my personal experience with Anxiety and looking back to my childhood, my first living memories were ones of fear, then in my teenage years my overwhelming memories were ones of death, one of my school friends died in a freak accident and another committed suicide, I also lost two of my grandparents to Cancer, then in my early adult hood I suffered with stress which was brought on by a high pressured job with responsibilities that someone of my age should have never had, this in turn also lend to financial stress and pressure.

If you look back at events in your life, you can quite often understand why you started to suffer with anxiety, it’s not something that just appears from no where, there will always be some root problems which will cause Anxiety.

I looked for various different treatments for my condition over the course of the 4 years, I only started to understand how I could finally cure myself after I went for counselling, this enabled me to start to understand the root causes of my problems, when I started to address these problems my anxiety started to slowly disappear, the problem was I had pick up some bad habits, which included constantly over thinking, which would bring on panic attacks.

My mind used to get just as tired as my physical body, so I decided that I needed to rest my mind, I done this by using relaxation music and yoga, by doing this it really helped me to empty my mind and allowed me to get the rest I needed. I tried to do this in the evening so that I could go to bed with an empty mind, this worked really well and allowed me to get the correct amount of sleep which made me feel much better in the morning, I also changed my diet and cut out all the junk food and started to undertake regular excise.

The most important thing that I learned during my recovery period was that you need to remain positive, once the negative thoughts starts to creep into your mind you need to replace these with positive thoughts and not let your mind get carried away.

It took me around 6 months to get to the stage where I could say “I used to suffer from anxiety” this is the stage that you should aim for, as soon as you give yourself this title you will be surprised how fast the recovery is.

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I lived with anxiety for 4 years and now i'm fully recovered , I have now written a book to help other people overcome there Panic Attacks and Anxiety. For more information visit my website at