Investment sales is a growing industry. As more and more people turn away from standard bank accounts that offer poor and very low interest rates in general, people are beginning to turn to alternative investments and different ways of getting their money to work for them.

This has led to a surge in investment sales jobs who require telesales staff to pitch their products and services to potential investors and to manage their accounts on the behalf.

If you are looking for a job in investment sales, such as in the carbon trading industry, then you may struggle initially to find these sorts of job listings. This is because it is a specialised area of recruitment and therefore many standard recruitment agencies will often turn down the management of these types of vacancies due a lack of knowledge and expertise in the area. Therefore, if you are looking to work in investment sales or carbon trading, your best bet is to find a specialist that specifically deals with this type of recruitment. This means that not only will you find plenty of jobs to choose from, but you will also be able to speak to somebody who understands the industries and needs and be able to offer you support and advice that is relevant to the job and ultimately helps you get the position.

Likewise, if you are already within the investment sales industry and looking to recruit then by far the best way to do so is to use an investment sales recruitment specialist. Standard recruitment agencies will often not have the right calibre of people on their books and may struggle to fill your role with somebody who has the right experience. By using a specialist, you will be tapping into someone who already has a large base of experienced investment sales people who know what is expected of them, have the relevant training and will be able to slot straight into your organisation, therefore saving time and money and ultimately getting you someone who drives your business forward.

Using an investment sales recruitment company, whether it be to fill a role, or to find a role, is often very simple. Just a quick phone call to the company or a search online for their current jobs and services will allow you to get the ball rolling. Once you have registered your interest with them, they will then get to work in either finding you the perfect job role, or indeed filling your vacancy with the perfect candidate.

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Pinnacle 7 is a recruitment company that specialises in top level telesales jobs. They provide employers a solution to finding quality staff quickly and easily. At the same time, they provide job seekers a simple service that allows them to find telesales jobs in companies that they would aspire to work in.

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