Finding a trainer is a personal choice. Like hiring a nanny or a housekeeper, this is a decision to be made with due diligence. As parents, we usually find ourselves doing things for others, mainly our children. When selecting a personal trainer, it's important to put yourself first. Everyone else's needs, need to take a backseat to yours for the moment.

Before beginning your search, you must decide what you're looking for in your personal trainer. Ask yourself who, what, where, when, why, and how. "Who" will be actually be the last question answered once you're able to describe your perfect personal trainer. Your goals should answer your "what" question. "Where" and "when" can you meet with your personal trainer. Your "why" answer should state the source of your inspiration. Finally, "how" should account for any limitations, conditions, or restrictions, along with how much are you budgeting.

The abundance of resources for finding a personal trainer in your New York City neighborhood and the numerous trainers available may feel overwhelming. However, if you stick to your guns on your defined needs, it will keep the process manageable. Knowing what you want helps keep the abundant resources working to your advantage.

If you are a member of a gym, that would seem like the logical place to start looking. Find out what you can about the personal trainers on staff. Ask members and/ or the fitness manager. Those that seem qualified to handle your requirements, should be put on a list of possibilities.

Another good source are "trainer's only" or "independent trainers welcome" gyms. These venues are helpful for finding personal trainers who can provide you instant access to a fully equipped, trainer-client oriented experience. In most cases, you don't need to have a additional membership for using a trainer at the facility. Thus, it provides an excellent second option and can act as a complimentary facility to your current one. These gyms can also provide search options if you are looking for a fitness professional to come to your building's gym or your home.

Are looking for an independent trainer to come to you? An internet search for a personal trainer in NYC is a great place to get a jump on your search. Unlike a brick and mortar gym, you can search at your pace, 24/7 to see what your options are and reach out to those who meet your criteria. If people can find love on the internet, you can certainly find a personal trainer.

Also, never discount a friend's referral of their own personal trainer. They do have your best interests at heart. Just remember to keep your needs, wants, and goals close by for review at all times. Whether it is a New Year’s resolution or an office weight loss challenge, your needs are different than your friend, coworker, or family member. Never settle. Whichever avenue, or avenues, above you choose, make sure to drop a trainer not meeting your qualifications, so you can make clear decisions.

Once you have your short list of candidates, reach out to them. Tell them the same exact information you measured them by to reach this point. Using those responses, make your decision to answer the most important question of all. "Who" to move forward with to schedule a session will be waiting for your call. Enjoy your workout!

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