If you're a blogger, you understand what I mean when I say some days, it just doesn't work. The ideas don't come together, the words aren't flowing, and you just don't have the pizazz needed to put together something witty, clever, informative, or at the very least, useful enough that someone will read through to the end of your piece.

But, there's always inspiration to be found somewhere in some way. Use this opportunity to try your hand at something new, to explore venues or ventures you normally wouldn't. Your blog will gain something from the experience regardless of whether or not the post actually meets your typical standards. Your readers will be refreshed by a new you, a new voice, and maybe even a whole new topic for a day or two. Readers are often much more forgiving and/or patient than we give them credit for. So, to give you a helping hand up, here are some steps you can try out to see if you can regain that passion and enthusiasm you've been missing recently.

Try an Entirely New Topic

When you can no longer blog about whatever it is that you started on in the first place, this is your cue to take a new leap. You don’t have to go completely out of bounds, but you should go to the sidelines at least. You can go for something in the same field, but perhaps change up your tone. This can make for something really fun and exciting. Post a guest blogger and adopt an entirely new voice if that makes it easier. Or, go for a new topic completely. If you blog about real-estate trends four days a week, surprise your readers with your latest favorite restaurant or the newest coffee shop that got you excited. You will probably discover that a break from the norm is not only refreshing for you, but for your readers too.

Change Your Scenery

Oftentimes all that’s needed is a new view out the window. Do you normally always write from home? The library? A make-shift office? Go try something new. If you typically write in peace and quiet, go somewhere lively. Hit up a trendy coffee shop. Likewise, if you’re normally the one plucking away at the keys while carrying on a conversation with four or five people, pull up a seat on your living room couch and spend some quality time with just you and the blog.
Ask Yourself What you Would Write About if You Could Start Your Blog Over
And then write a post on that! Maybe your blog needs to take a new turn, maybe one or two posts out of the ordinary just isn’t going to cut it. But, before you ditch the first blog and jump into a second one, give yourself some time to play around with this “new” idea. Blogs are meant to evolve as we do as writers, which makes it easier to understand why your blog just doesn’t seem to fit you any longer or inspire you the way it used to. Let it grow with you, and take your readers along for the ride.

Meet Others Passionate About your Field of Expertise

Convinced you’ll never be able to come up with something on your own? Find someone else in your field and do a low-key interview. Or, if you have an activity based blog, ie: cooking, baking, crafting, etc., get a group together and plan a cookie baking day. You’ll likely be excited about what others have to offer and often, you’ll find renewed inspiration to once again dig a little deeper into your own particular subject. It’s invigorating to be around others with similar passions, so don’t let the opportunity pass you by.

Take a Vacation

If nothing’s working, if you’ve just completely lost your zeal for the moment, then take a little blog vacay. Tell your readers you’ll be off for awhile, but will return soon. Sometimes simply letting the mind recharge for a little while is all it takes. You might even find yourself itching it get back to it! And when that brilliant idea does hit you, take it and run with it!

Author's Bio: 

Author Tara Alley is a freelance writer and blogger who enjoys writing about a variety of different topics. She is currently working alongside Coffee Home Direct researching and writing about organic and fair-trade coffee beans.