Just as romance and conflict doesn’t end once vows are spoken, neither does the Tarot journey end with traditional interpretations of the cards. Each of the cards hold a deeper meaning than you will ever memorize from interpretations in a ‘how to’ book. Layers of wisdom unfold through deep introspection, time and practice.

Introspection Finds the Hidden Meaning of each Tarot Card

The Major Arcana deals with your immortal soul on its journey through infinity. It consists of 22 cards, beginning with the Fool. If you study each card with pure intent, it can open the portal to occult wisdom.

Let’s begin. Creatively visualize a card of your choice opening wide, like a three-dimensional movie. See yourself going through a hidden portal. Greet your card person, as you would a new friend. Ask specific questions – how they feel about various issues, love, finances, etc. – what is the one thing they want you to know most, etc. Stay as long as you want, then bid your card person farewell. Exit the scene and watch the card shrink to its normal shape. One card per day is enough. Spend about a month with the Major Arcana, then proceed to the Court cards. This is not designed to use a meditation. Rather, it is a creative visualization undertaken while you are in awakening consciousness. You may want to start a Tarot journal to record answers, insights and observations.

Man’s Symbolic Journey In The Tarot

You likely know the Tarot is a symbolic record of human experience. Even if the original meaning of each symbol were available, and it is not, it would still signify the symbol as it relates to collective consciousness. It is believed the deeper implications behind the mysterious symbols were lost or deliberately hidden, possibly by Gypsy fortune tellers who relied on Tarot for their daily sustenance. What is important here is – what do symbols mean to you? For this exercise, you’ll need a pen and paper or a clean journal page. Write down several symbols such as: angels, ankh, bird, butterfly, flowers, heart and so on. Beside each, note everything you associate with the symbol, without reading your Tarot Guide. Colors and color combinations are also meaningful. If a preponderance of one color appears frequently in your readings, it is certainly worth investigating. Numbers are also significant. Take “two” for instance. One esoteric meaning is that the cards want to reveal hidden aspects of your romantic relationship. You may do the same exercise with colors and numbers that you did with symbols.

The more you handle your cards, talk to them, listen to them and search for the deeper meaning of each card, the more value you will receive during your personal Tarot Journey.

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Ian Parkin is the owner, webmaster and principal clairvoyant of the Psychic Junkie Website. With 35 professional years in these realms Ian is a verifiable authority in psychic advice and coaching as well as online business success.