Tooth decay, cavities, and teeth discoloration are common sightings to family dentists. However, it is common that the teeth are usually whiter during our childhood years. It is because the enamel of the milk teeth is not as transparent as the permanent teeth. As the body ages, the yellow dentin tissue also develops and thickens. While the black, yellow, or brown stains on the teeth are sometimes just a cosmetic issue, it is highly recommended to talk to your dentist to determine the underlying cause and treat it immediately.

What is Family Dentistry?

Family dentistry is about the maintenance of dental health of every member of the family. Family dentists identify, treat, and help prevent different dental problems of the entire family regardless of their ages.

A dentist performs various procedures to diagnose the conditions correctly. He or she addresses the various diseases and ailments that affect the teeth of the family. He or she is also responsible for giving appropriate advice to maintain dental health.

Let's just say that family dentists play a vital role in maintaining the oral health of the society. Here’s why:

  • Children need their teeth to be cleaned by family dentists on a regular basis. The dentist should perform an x-ray of their teeth to be able to see how the adult teeth are forming below the surface, as well as when to expect those teeth to come out. The dentist also teaches them about practicing oral hygiene.
  • Adults should also have their teeth to be cleaned regularly. They often need root canals done, their chipped teeth repaired, their cavities filled, and other treatments to save a damaged tooth. Teeth whitening is conducted more frequently on this age bracket as a result of all the foods and beverages they consume, which stain their enamel
  • Older people that have natural teeth require teeth whitening methods need to visit family dentists right away, owing to many years of eating foods and drinking that bring about stains. Also, aging naturally causes the yellowing of the tooth enamel. Older people also have more cases of gum disease, and more prone to complications due to certain illnesses and to the medications they take.

The Advantages of Teeth Whitening

A beautiful smile resembles a neon sign that expresses a youthful and pleasant personality. You can say that it is the key that opens a lot of opportunities. An attractive-looking set of teeth will boost your confidence and make a positive impact on every aspect of your life. White teeth will make you look and feel better about yourself.

Family dentists help you acquire a great smile by using various teeth whitening that is safe and effective. These solutions give positive and long-lasting benefits.

Start Early

It is a common misconception that dental care in the early years is not necessary. However, health experts encourage parents to get their kids see their family dentists as soon as the first baby tooth starts to emerge.

You may ask, what difference does it make if a child has cavities? First, oral cavities are painful. Second, gum problems can begin early and last for a long time. Lastly, kids should get used to having regular dental check-ups early on, so they will continue these practices as they grow older.

Contributing Factors

  • In most cases, teeth discoloration is caused by poor dental hygiene. Problems show up when people do not brush and floss their teeth regularly. Also, many people avoid going to their family dentists until they feel unbearable pain.
  • Black stains on the teeth are usually seen in individuals who smoke. Smoking is one of the major factors for discoloration, particularly on the front teeth. Chewing tobacco also contributes to black or brown teeth. Smoking and chewing tobacco can have a lasting effect on the health of the teeth
  • Tooth decay or cavity (also known as dental caries), is likely to appear when a person does practice brushing their teeth regularly. Consequently, the bacteria start working on food debris that is stuck between the teeth. This often results in teeth discoloration.
  • Excessive consumption of soft drinks, coffee, wine, tea, and many others, can be a reason for the presence of stains on the teeth. These foods and beverages contain chromogens that are major contributors to the damage in the coating of the enamel and the progression of stains. Moreover, having a diet that is high in sugar is a factor for discoloration of teeth.

Teeth whitening is crucial as it can increase your self-esteem and help you become more comfortable when smiling. There may also come a time when you need to have more advanced procedures, such as crowns, bridges, sealants, lumineers, and other restorative orthodontic work. To achieve this, go to a professional to obtain the services you need and determine what options are suitable for you. Family dentists provide these services with their expertise and using higher quality products that work faster and lessen the risks of complications.

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Teeth whitening is a popular method that is used to improve the smile and self-confidence. Family dentists help address your teeth problems.