Running shoes are perhaps one of the best accessories women can have these days. With running becoming such a popular mode of exercise, more and more people are getting into it not just for the healthy benefits but also for the social advantages it brings. Where else can you find a sport that not only tones your calf and leg muscles but also allows you to meet new friends and quite possibly Mr. Right?

Finding the right women running shoes is essential if you expect your running shoes to go the distance. The right running shoes provide a lot of safety and protective benefits like cushioning your feet against the hard pavement when you run and also provides you speed and an increased flexibility, as well as the ability to run over all kinds of surfaces, even rough terrains. However, before you go off and browse online shops for the perfect pair of running shoes, you need to consider one thing first and to be able to find them and that is your foot type.

First of all not all feet are created equal. In fact, there are three known foot type and the type of feet you have determines the kind of womens running shoes you need to buy because this in turn also helps keep you stable and less susceptible to any kind of foot injury that could sideline you from running for a time:

Flat Feet

Flat feet mean just that - when you look at your foot and see no arches from your toes to your heel, then you have flat feet. When you do your footprint, you won’t see any inward curves from your toes to your heel and with this kind of feet that means your feet roll inward when you run, so you need to get shoes that maintain your stability. To make sure you get exactly the nike womens running shoes that do just that, look for the words "motion control" and "stability" on the box or you may have to avail yourself of custom-made shoe inserts that will correct any foot issues.

High-Arched Feet

When you do a footprint with high-arched feet, you will notice the arches that are defined the inward curve, which makes the middle part of your foot look skinny. Also, you’ll know you have high-arched feet when the arch stays rigid when you push your hand against the bottom of your foot. The opposite of flat feet, your foot will most probably have a tendency to roll outwards when you run the best running shoes would be those that are flexible with soft midsoles to absorb shock. When buying shoes online, look for the words "flexible" or "cushioned" like the ones you’ll see in the descriptions for asics womens running shoes.

Neutral or Normal Feet

As with high-arched feet, you will also notice an inward curve with normal feet, but one that isn’t more than ¾ of an inch. The most common foot type, buying shoes presents no problems and is the type that is least susceptible to any foot injury as long as you buy shoes that fit properly. This is however, one type that doesn’t require running shoes with a lot of stability or motion control.

Cinderella found her Prince with shoes that fit and so can you. As long as you take the time to know what you need, you can get what you want anytime, anywhere and at affordable prices too.

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