How do you create a new friendship and find someone who fits you and connects with you? It can feel hard, for if your job doesn’t provide that kind of openness or availability with others, then where do you look? Begin by finding a way to do what you like. If you are doing what you love, you open the door to finding others who like what you do. Hang out in situations that reflect the real you. Join a program or a club that fits who you are and that you enjoy. If you do not have time or energy for too much, then set aside even one day a week to find something you enjoy and do it. Create moments during your week or day that provide you with satisfaction and create happiness in you.

What is it you really like or want to do? Find a way to schedule it into your day or week. Even if it is only stopping at a shop or strolling through a park, these could provide opportunities to meet others. While you are doing what you love, try to be open to others. Make eye contact and smile at those around you. Because you are doing what you love, you will feel better and more confident, and this is the right time to meet someone new. The people around you already have something in common with you because they share your interests.

Find what you love and do it, and then be open to the people around you. When you are doing what you love, you may recognize someone more than once. The more often you see them, the easier it will be, especially if you have already made eye contact and smiled before. There is a sense of camaraderie that can be created just by recognizing someone who is doing what you are doing because you share the same interest. Once they have become familiar to you and you are comfortable, just approach them with a comment or a hello and start a conversation. It is easier for you because you already have something in common and have seen them before.

The more open and comfortable you are, the more likely others will feel this and see this in you. Be yourself and reach out when it feels right. You don’t need to push it, for the opportunity will probably present itself when it is easiest. Be outgoing and do not hold yourself back. Remember, you are in a place that fits you and makes you feel comfortable. You are doing something you love or like, and therefore you are already at ease, so meeting others becomes easier. The possibility for friendship is everywhere, and the people you can most likely connect to are the ones who are enjoying the same thing you do.

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