So when your wanting to take that trip to the U.S. your going to need a good source for information to research , plan and execute your trip. the problem these days is finding a few good sources for information to help plan your holiday.

So many sites out on the web have some very bad, misleading and just plain wrong information that they are sharing with unsuspecting readers. We have seen and believed a lot of these sites and have been burned by bad information about travel tips, attractions, flight hacks and other vacation propaganda some of these unscrupulous site are spouting.

So we have decided to share with you some of the best sites we have found over the years of being a tourist in the U.S. With our experience we have selected a few great sites that we use on a regular basis and have gotten good travel information from them. These sites run the gambit from family travel to adults only travel. So read on and use some of these resources (if you want) to help you ob your next holiday in America.

So one of the first sites to use in a no brainier. TripAdvisor - This site is great to find some very reliable information in it for the entire world. With the way they do the review system you can be fairly sure that the ratings of any hotel, activity, destination or airline is close to the target. TripAdvisor has been around for many years and has thousands of pages of great information to help you book your trip to the U.S. Another good site to gain some information from is the hotel booking sites.

Sites like, Travelocity, Kayak and others do have some good information to be extracted from them. Just be mindful not to believe every review and take some of them with a grain of salt.

Some travelers (you have met them I am sure) who complain about every little thing. "My coffee isn't hot enough", "the bagels aren't fresh", "my sheets chafed me" you know the type. So be sure to check the bad reviews and discard any lame complaints you may find.

Some of these will be very "niche vacation" type of sites so use the ones that are relevant to your needs and wants. 420 Friendly Blog has some decent information on adult travel to the "green" states of the U.S. You will find articles on where to stay, smoking rooms, tips, attractions and where to shop on this site. Not a whole lot of information but it does have some good stuff in it. A great site to read up on is Blaze4Days when it comes to adult travel. This site has a ton of information on many things adult related. You can find stuff on the best states to travel to for a 420 vacation, find the best vaporizer for your travels and other awesome information there. It is a newer site but you can get some helpful info from there. One site you need to visit is 420 Friendly Booking for your 420 vacation if that's what your into. This site is very new and is placing every smoker friendly hotel, B&B, vacation home and lodging in America on their site. This site is one to watch as every week there are more places for you to choose and information on the blog.

Some more resources for you are shown below so make sure to use all of these great vacation and travel sites to help you on your next holiday to the U.S. These have all been used by us and our friends and have some good things said about them, but once again use the information to your advantage, discard any information you see is bad, or negative reviews for stupid reasons and try to plan the best vacation to America that you can. have a safe trip and safe travels.

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