Finding Gratitude For The Darkest Days

We can be grateful for all that we learned from our darkest days. My darkest days are the days I spent in abusive relationships. I was put-down, starved, choked, and abused. I was brainwashed to believe I was fat, ugly, and no one would want me. I finally got free after ten months. That was my first abusive relationship and it was the worst.
I am grateful for those days because they gave me the power to help others like me. I can help others become happy after a traumatic event. Even if it does take a decade to recover, you can still recover. I learned the signs of an abusive relationship and keep myself protected from them. I can forgive him because I found gratitude in the situation. With out those days, I wouldn't even have a book coming out soon. I wouldn't have all the insight I have.
What happened to you? Can you find a way to be grateful for it? How did it eventually help you in the end? Take all the time you need to answer these questions. They will help you get over a grievance.
We can be grateful for anything in our lives. Were you cheated on? Did you have an opportunity to find somebody better suited for you? That is a good example of finding gratitude in the darkest days.
Did you write a book based on the worst days of your life? Did it become a huge hit? That is a good example, also.
Did a man lie to you by saying he can't have babies and get you pregnant? Do you love your baby, regardless? Another good example of finding gratitude in the darkest days. There are many ways to do so. We only have to find them by changing they way we look at a specific situation or circumstance in our lives.
I now look at my life in a positive way instead of a negative way. I access the power of positivity. Can you? I think you can. All you have to do is a little bit of work to change your thoughts. We can all benefit from changing our negative automatic thoughts.
I want you to focus on your darkest days and see how to be grateful for them. Maybe they made you more empathetic or compassionate. Any reason is good. Please, for your sake, find the good within the bad. You will feel FREE again. It is an amazing feeling to be free. No longer will the circumstance hold us in its clench. We will be better, happier, and healthier in our lives.

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Brittany Gunderson is an author of many genres. She is also a Happiness/Mental Health Life Coach.

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