Coming up with ideas for creative writing is a valuable asset and something most any good blogger is able to do to keep their platform alive! The key is to first recognize that developing content for your blog is something that may get tougher to do as time goes by! Even though your writing ability typically improves over time, without any good ideas to write about you'll find yourself at a standstill! This can be especially 'ticklish' for bloggers since their craft depends upon posting fresh content, so what's a person to do?

Here are 3 ways you can develop content for your blog without having to stress yourself out or spend hours waiting for the next great idea!


Being tense only serves to make your efforts harder and your creativity more difficult to tap into! Being ambitious and willing to invest the effort is commendable however you can not 'push' yourself to think creatively! To develop some really good content for your blog you'll want and need to relax enough so that you can think more creatively! Also it is important to remember ideas can pop into your head at any time so be prepared to take note of them even if you're not in front of the computer!

Pick The Minds of Others

A good blogger realizes that contrary the opinions of some, every idea you write about does NOT need to be yours alone! In fact this is why it is so widely accepted and even recommended to enlist the 'help' of the occasional guest blogger! For those who still want to develop their own material for posting, take advantage of the opinions and/or insights of family and friends! Pick their minds and find out what is important to them or what problems they may have that need to be resolved! In most cases if it's on the minds of those in your close inner social circles, it is probably a concern to others as well!

Publish When Ready

The constant pressure of feeling you have to post frequently can be enough to 'freeze' your creative juices much like a deer in the headlights of a car! Adopting the attitude 'to hell with frequent posting', Ill post when I'm good and ready' may in fact be a healthy approach to take! Actually a good blogger realizes that one good quality post is much better than a dozen others of lesser quality!

When blogging the more time you spend at your craft, the harder it sometimes becomes to find good ideas for creative writing! Due to the fact you will likely be trying to create a lot content for you blog, your writing ability will no doubt improve but at the same time new ideas will become harder to find! Bloggers should therefore have a plan or strategy that 'nurtures' or 'feeds' their creative juices, such as the 3 suggestions above, to maintain a steady flow of ideas they can post about! If you truly want to be a good blogger simply follow the advice of most good boy scouts and learn to always 'be prepared' insofar as how you deal with writers block!

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TJ Philpott is an author and Internet entrepreneur based out of North Carolina.
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