Marriages in Kerala have long been regarded as a union of two families rather than two individuals, making the participation of the parents’ utmost importance. Such kind of participation is only ensured through arranged marriages because they share the same religion, caste, culture, family background and education. More than 95 per cent of marriages in Kerala are arranged by parents and family following age-old customs. Even this has also been the pattern followed by the educated middle class people also. Parents also use religious networks associated with their local temple, mosque, or churches to circulate their children’s biodata for marriage. As we know the number of people relying on matrimony sites to find suitable matches nowadays is increasing day by day. They have become an integral part of arranged marriages in Kerala. 

For centuries, the parents settled on a prospective bride or groom for their offspring with the help of family members, friends or marriage brokers who carried photo albums and horoscopes of eligible spouses. But, soon Keralites stated to follow the online matrimonial matchmaking services as it was easy and reliable. Online matrimony sites in Kerala have mushroomed from every corner of the state to help Keralites set up arranged marriages. These free matrimonial websites in Kerala offers the best matrimonial matchmaking services for all religions and communities. Matrimony sites help parents improve their ability to locate prospective matches from within the same community or caste and that’s one of the reasons which attracted parents to sign up with matrimony sites. Basically, all parents consider factors such as caste, horoscope, and family background, colour and physical appearance for shortlisting prospective matches, Nowadays parents have started to use online matrimonial platforms and majority of the profiles are created by them. There are other aspects that have contributed to the growth of matrimony sites and i.e the ability to actually look beyond caste and community preferences. There are some urban matchmaking apps that provide young men and women opportunities to find someone with compatible lifestyle and interests.   

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