It is nearly impossible to escape hearing the words “Law of Attraction” especially with the explosion of “The Secret.” While it is great that this book and movie have helped more people become aware of the power of this law, there is so much more to it than simply just wanting something and hoping it shows up. Energy and action must feed your desire. Energy in the form of beliefs, thoughts, emotions, attitude and action must be engaged.

Let’s focus on the emotion and attitude of happiness. Happiness is a choice that you make. Happiness is not when, but now. It is not a destination that you reach. It is a continual journey in which you participate. It is not about being happy when something occurs it is choosing to be happy now regardless of what is happening. How many of you believe that you will be happy when you find a mate? I challenge you to be happy in spite of finding them, and they will show up more easily than you can imagine.

With the start of this new day, I invite you to check in with your happy meter. Take some time to see if you do feel happy, and if not, make the decision to change that. The only thing you have to do is choose to be happy now. Smile. Look in the mirror and declare, “Today I choose to be happy!” Also declare that, “Today, I shift my bee-ing into one of happiness and attracting Mr. Mrs. or Ms. Right.”

How wonderful it would be to live in happiness with your perfect partner. It begins with you. Develop a happy relationship with yourself and you will easily develop happy relationships with others, and naturally enjoy a happy relationship with a perfect mate.

So how do you start feeling happy if you don’t? Begin by being grateful for each and every thing that you have. Be aware of how much you have no matter how hopeless things may seem. There is always a reason to feel grateful, to smile. Emotional energy generates the momentum of attracting what you want. So if you are feeling sad, angry, cheated, guess what you will continue to see in your life? Yes, experiences will continue to show up over and over again that reflect back that energy.

So, wouldn’t you prefer to experience joyful people and situations? Edwin Edebiri, MBA, creator of the “I Am Happy Project” says that, “happy people produce happy results.” He was so intrigued by how so many people were able to remain happy in challenging times while others became bitter. He developed a list of 10 ways to be happy as a result of interviewing 700 people about their own personal happiness.

I share Edwin’s list with you:
1. Decide to be happy and make it your top priority. 

2. Smile more and learn to laugh at yourself. 

3. Volunteer your time one on one or to a group. 

4. Donate your money according to your pocket, even if it is a dime

5. Make time for the 3 F’s: Faith, Family & Friends

6. Create a list of all the things you are thankful for or that make you happy

7. Create a list of all the things that make you unhappy and find a solution or ways to eliminate them.
8. Learn to manage your time and your money

9. Be active and make healthy choices
10. Create a goal or dream list and work diligently towards them

This is a new day and a perfect time to make changes. Start small. It is better to choose one thing to change and when that becomes habit, add another. Decide that this is the time and the day that you practice happiness and attract your perfect happy mate.

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Cheri Valentine is your love connection expert. She specializes in guiding busy professional leaders and business owners to find long lasting love to enjoy as much happiness and success in their personal lives as they do in their career. Cheri’s philosophy inspired love by design combined with her strong, supportive nature is reflected in her signature coaching programs. She believes everyone deserves to love and be loved unconditionally, to experience life passionately and to forge happy and healthy relationships. Cheri’s own efforts to make sense of her ended marriages and relationships fueled her determination to get it right, be happy and find the right partner. She has succeeded and recently married her perfect mate. She wants to show you how she did it, and how you can, too, just like the many men and women she has helped to find love. Visit for your FREE 4 step kit to Attract Your Perfect Mate.