In searching for Mr. Mrs. or Ms. Right, I am often asked, “Where Can I Find Them?” Many do not enjoy going to bars and feel like a fish out of water when they do go. Other people think they are too busy to look. First of all you can find them anywhere doing what you already do. This works best when you are living your life from a place of presence and joy. When you are happy with yourself, and your life, you will attract and be drawn to others who are also happy with themselves and their life. You connect without even trying by just being open. Of course, you must believe this is possible. However, it is helpful to have a little more guidance, so I offer you the following.

There are several strategies for finding people to meet. Choose venues where you can effectively meet people who can be likely potential partners. The more aligned the venue is with your interests and values; the higher rate of success you will experience. Have an open mind about dating, enjoy the people you meet, and be present when dealing with people. Be yourself. Stay true to yourself. This begins with knowing who you are, what you want, trusting that you will meet the right one for you, and committing to wait until you meet them. Until you do meet the right one, evaluate each experience for the lesson that makes your life and search for your perfect partner richer.

First, stay open when in PUBLIC SETTINGS – the grocery store, post office, coffee shop, and work place, at the ball field where your children play sports, or the playground, beach, amusement parks. You can meet people anywhere; so do not discount these public places as a way to meet someone who could have your top requirements.

The second level to meet potential partners is GENERIC SINGLE EVENTS - such as singles dances or single gatherings of any kind, personal ads, dating services, internet dating sites. You are getting a bit more specific where you will meet people who are single.

A third venue which is more specific are SPECIAL INTEREST ACTIVITIES - ski club, hiking, club, chess club or any club that is of interest to you, photography class, art class, etc. Here you can meet people who have more in common with you besides being single. It is also an opportunity to make friends and build a community of support even with people who are not single. Married people have single friends.

Finally, you can find people to date by being open and attentive in your HIGHLY ALIGNED COMMUNITIES that share your values, interests, goals, and passions – church communities, social activist groups, and spiritual organizations for starters. This is also a great place to ask for help in meeting single friends from the members in these communities. By asking for help, and letting people know you are actively looking to find the right person for you, you increase the numbers of people to meet.

I recommend checking out They offer a wide variety of venues to meet people who share the same interests, passions, and ideals as you. You can practice social skills as well as make friends or form supportive communities.

Part of being a successful single looking for love is to be living your life fully. When you are living life, enjoying your present moments and taking in life for the pure pleasure and experience it offers, you are in a far better position to meet your future love partner, one who also is happily living their life while waiting to meet you.

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Cheri Valentine is your love connection expert. She specializes in guiding busy professional leaders and business owners to find long lasting love to enjoy as much happiness and success in their personal lives as they do in their career. Cheri’s philosophy inspired love by design combined with her strong, supportive nature is reflected in her signature coaching programs. She believes everyone deserves to love and be loved unconditionally, to experience life passionately and to forge happy and healthy relationships. Cheri’s own efforts to make sense of her ended marriages and relationships fueled her determination to get it right, be happy and find the right partner. She has succeeded and recently married her perfect mate. She wants to show you how she did it, and how you can, too, just like the many men and women she has helped to find love. Visit for your FREE 4 step kit to Attract Your Perfect Mate.