In your search for Mr. Mrs. or Ms. Right have you ever stopped to consider who you are being in this search? When you look at who you are and the why of it, it helps you to act from a place of intention. This is helpful in both everyday life and particular situations. There are several parts of your being from which you can act. The core of you is your tick. What makes you tick is synergy of your purpose and passions. When you know what excites you from the deepest level and understand the reason for your existence, you are powerful in your intentions and you are aligned with your source.

There is your core being, and then there are branches of that being that support your tick. For example, what makes me tick is my inspired connection to love. Regardless of the situation, whether easy or challenging, I check in with myself and am directed by my compass. I ask myself if I am being connected to my source, to love? If I am feeling blocked, or challenged in this area, I ask to be open and to receive so that I can connect with my tick, with my being. It has guided me seamlessly through many difficult times with grace.

In regards to dating, I also found this useful. When I was living my life being present to experiences and enjoying people for the pleasure of interacting with them, I enjoyed my dates. However when I was being so ready to find “the one” I lost sight of just being present. I found dating far more enjoyable as well as the men I dated from the first perspective of being present with JOY. We tend to attract and notice in others what we are feeling in ourselves. Situations and people are mirrors to our soul. The more in tune you are with your being, the more clarity you feel in what you want and the choices you make. You begin to consciously make choices to support your inner beliefs, and then you attract, meet and connect to others who reflect this.

If you are angry with your ex, or what you see as the injustice of the world in your particular situation, then the people whom you come in contact will all appear angry to you. Your experience will be negative. However, if you are being grateful for the experience of your relationships, then you will see joy all around you. You will begin to notice more positive qualities in the people that you meet or date. You will recognize more easily whether someone is a match for you.

So who are you being in your quest for love? Are you being a person who is present in their life enjoying all the possibilities? Are you being a person who believes that you will meet the right mate for you? Are you a lady who is being firm in her belief that there are no good men available? Are you being a needy man waiting for someone else to make your life better? When you go on a date, are you being relaxed enjoying the person in front of you or are you being tight and anxious hoping that they are “the one?”

Your own compass guides you when you act from intention. You are more inspired in all that you do. So I invite you to close your eyes, relax, and picture yourself being loving, joyful, open and appreciative before your next date.

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Cheri Valentine is your love connection expert. She specializes in guiding busy professional leaders and business owners to find long lasting love to enjoy as much happiness and success in their personal lives as they do in their career. Cheri’s philosophy inspired love by design combined with her strong, supportive nature is reflected in her signature coaching programs. She believes everyone deserves to love and be loved unconditionally, to experience life passionately and to forge happy and healthy relationships. Cheri’s own efforts to make sense of her ended marriages and relationships fueled her determination to get it right, be happy and find the right partner. She has succeeded and recently married her perfect mate. She wants to show you how she did it, and how you can, too, just like the many men and women she has helped to find love. Visit for your FREE 4 step kit to Attract Your Perfect Mate.