There are ways to treat your anxiety besides taking addictive medications that rarely work anyway. Since your body is already built to heal itself, you could use something like herbal remedies for anxiety and panic attacks that may act a little bit more like the natural body response.

There are several herbal remedies that you can try in an effort to curb your anxiety disorder, and many of them will act really well to calm you down.

You probably want to try something that is safe for you to use anytime you want of course, so you will want to try chamomile. Chamomile is available in a lot of teas which you will find in a health food store or at the supermarket. Chamomile is safe to use, so there is no danger in using it on a long-term basis to treat your anxiety and panic.

Chamomile will help you to relax when you are stressed and anxiety ridden. You may feel the tension in your muscles melt away as the stress and anxiety are calmed by this natural anxiety herb. You should also get some relief from your insomnia which is so common with people who have anxiety disorders.

There is another herbal remedy for anxiety that comes from Europe called St. John's Wort. People have been using it for years for anxiety and even depression, and because of the low instances of adverse side-effects it is regarded as pretty safe to use and somewhat effective for treatment of anxious thoughts.

For some people though, anxiety becomes too much to deal with and the only hope is prescription medication. There are prescriptions out there that treat the symptoms of anxiety as well as the depression that can accompany the disorder.

And for many people these kinds of medications work well. The problem with them though is that they can be addicting for a lot of people, and can even cause you to go into withdrawal if you suddenly stop taking them. Natural herbs are tolerated by your body much better many times, and do not generally cause dependance.

You don't have to worry about dependance or withdrawal when you take herbal remedies for anxiety though, because they are natural and generally more accepted by your bodily system. Always be sure to be under the supervision of a doctor or herbal specialist if you plan to take these types of remedies though.

If you find yourself feeling much better after taking one of the many herbal remedies for anxiety you are in luck. Maybe you will get back to living your life instead of having your days filled with anxiety and your nights filled with insomnia.

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