We are always looking for, seeking, and anticipating feeling good. We love to feel good because it feels good. That’s a no-brainer for sure.

We cannot be without the feel-good factor. Some of us go to drugs to feel good. Some of us use anti-depressants to feel good again or even to hold on to a little bit of the good feeling. Some of us lower our standards to feel good.
We go back, and keep going back, to the feel-good moments, hoping that they will be as pleasurable as they were the first time.

I was completely stuck on a specific feel-good moment. This moment lasted about a year and a half, so I know personally that it’s hard to get over the feel good, but it must be said that, although our birth right is to feel good, we must know that life will sometimes feel not so good.
Some examples of feel good moments are-

Feeling secure, feeling loved, feeling pleasure, feeling romance, feeling wealthy or feeling a state of elation or ecstasy. Feeling high because things are going well is an example of the feel-good moments in life.

We become so confused the moment things don’t feel good. We can’t think. We feel, feel, and feel all types of emotions when things are not feeling good. It’s as if we are only connected to life when things feel good, or when things are going well, and the moment things seem difficult, unpredictable or out of our control, we become disconnected from life, so disconnected that we literally stop breathing!

If we are to understand the Captivating Woman Wise Way, we know that the true gift in life is when we need to expand our ideas about what ‘good’ actually is.

When life challenges us, pushes us, or confuses us, instead of feeling anxiety, we must rather expand. It is only when we expand that life gets better or, better yet, when pleasure gets better.

Can you image pleasure getting better?
What if I told you the true secret about hard times, heartache and pain; would it inspire you to move more freely? Whatever your answer is, the secret in hard times is that it’s the only true way for you to expand your perception of something or someone.

Difficulty is life’s way of nudging you in the right direction. Think about it this way: if you did the same thing over and over every day, like a ritual, sooner or later it would stop giving you pleasure.

It doesn’t move you anymore because you are too used to it. You can’t grow in that. You can’t get any more pleasure out of that; you can’t get any expansion from something that you are used to. So, to shake things up a bit, life sends an overkill massager to that thing or situation that once provided the feel good factor.

Challenges arise, circumstances persist, the things you resist persist, and more often than not you are required to change, expand and renew yourself so that you can experience something bigger. When you resist the expansion, the trouble becomes double. When you embrace life entirely – not just the good, but the other polarity as well – you live a more expanded version of your life.

Your life becomes bigger by way of experience and fluidity.

Author's Bio: 

Karema Mcghee is the director of Captivating Woman Workshops and the Author of Captivating Woman unfolding the sacred feminine.