In recent years, the percentage of divorce cases has arisen dramatically. There are many reasons behind this. Such as

•Domestic violence: when your partner is harming you physically or abusing you.
•Extra marital affair: when your partner has love or date someone except you. This is the most common reason of divorce.
•Marrying too young: when the individuals marry at the age of 20s, decides to get divorce from their partners because of the immaturity, having not career, education or business which leads to conflicts and then divorce.
•Financial issues: when you have lack of money or your partner is spending too much. When you are not able to fulfil your needs, then your partner especially for men, their wives decided to settle with another guy who is richer than their husbands.
•Drug or alcohol addiction: when you are consuming too much alcohol and arrive late at home. this causes daily conflicts and big fights. When your partner does not like to drink and do not let you to do the same because its bad habit. This is also the general reason of separation of many couples.
•Communication problem: when you are hesitating to share any problem with you, when you are not negotiated with your partner or you not spending time in communication with her/him. This also a cause of increasing divorce cases.
•Lack of commitment: when you or your partner is unable to make decisions due to lack of confidence and afraid of failure.

Except these, there are also other driving forces which leads to divorce and separation like not doing romance or regular sex.

Thus, everyone should know about these reasons and they must understand that divorce is not the solution of everything. You must not give birth to these reasons if you want to live happily with your partner.

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