Bast i Test Guide - Conducting Tests on a more Human Site!

The term “Bast i Test” is a Swedish term, and quite obviously means “best in test”, but to the Swedes it means so much more than that - it has grown into a culture of testing new gadgets and comparing them with it’s opponents, and crowning a grand winner. But where do you go if you want to know which products have won Best in Test recently? Well, bä is a great place, as they compile current test winners and also know which products and services have the most satisfied users. You get easy guides to the winners so you can quickly buy the right product - and avoid expensive and time-consuming purchases of the wrong product.

After working for many weeks, months, and years to find out which are the best products, it is important that they share their work on the internet so that other consumers can benefit from it. They have gone through all the tests and, believe us, we know that they are very careful about their choices!

Certainly, what they conclude does not always suit everyone because everyone has different needs and wishes, but their hope is that their compilations will be a valuable guide to your choice of new camera, new summer tire or what to buy in virtually any category. If you read their comprehensive guides you've taken a great step to find the most affordable product you can buy today.

These are our ways to describe the Best in Test Guide - do you share them with us? We have...

1. Relevant, reliable and current tests where the products that have won are still available for purchase.

2. Not massively technical, without complicated abbreviations or anything that you makes you forget what's important about a product.

3. No computer-generated pages. They write each of the words that you can read by themselves. The page is updated completely manually.

4. No computer deductions on what is statistically most popular right now. They are interested in good products, with good reviews from trustworthy sources, and consumers.

5. They work weekly to evaluate the products and tests newcomers on the market. And they actually notify you for free when they find a new product is better than the one before.

Gathering their own information - but giving objective reviews

Bastitest manually collect facts from workshops, support centers, faires, press events, exhibitions, sales people and of course from users and consumers. But still they do not present their own subjective opinions. Certainly, if they were to buy a new TV, they would definitely choose the one they chose as Best in Test for the site. And the things they choose are always those that many people have tested and given positive feedback to.

They sincerely want to help you make a good purchase, and think they can help you do that through their work. That is one of the many reasons why the website has become so popular. At Bastitest, they compile the tests published and present not only the best - but also the most affordable products right now. In other words, they do purchase guides for you by examining products, reading expert reviews, hearing what consumers think and interviewing people in the industry. Then they report their work and all the tests on the site. Why? Because they really seem to think that it is fun! And they hope the work they do can be of support for your purchase.

The best in test criterias

On Bastitest you will be find information about purchases that are not only supposed to fit you, but items that should fit the masses. Something that is of such quality that it shouldn't disappoint anybody. The items need to be of good quality and to have showed good results in the test labs. The results also have to have been estimated by consumers who have already purchased the product before you. It does not necessarily need to contain the very latest technology, as these items often costs unjustifiably much.

There are many places to shop, and Bastitest will also guide you to the best price in terms of performance / technology. Their goal with the consumer magazine is to make it easy for you to get an overview of which products on the market have been crowned the absolutely best in test through different tests. They wish you as a consumer to make a safe and reliable choice when you go out into the large and often complex product ranges. They help you identify the best products in a wide range of categories, so you can choose the product that suits your needs. There is also a page that can help you as a consumer, in their guide to your consumer rights.

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Rasel Khan is an internet entrepreneur