Finding The Best Vacation Package Discounts

The online world of today is so inundated travel booking engines, it can be hard deciding upon which one to use but when it comes to finding travel discounts and finding the best way to find the best vacation packages, it's easy to narrow this search down to just one website such as

Booking engines do not choose a vacation

It's not easy coming to a decision when choosing the destination for your next vacation but when you think about it, you never used a booking engine to help in this regard. No, a booking engine may outline some details of the cost of amenities but actually, most people check one of the many review systems online like Trip Advisor when deciding on where to go.

A booking engine does not choose a vacation, you do.

Why use a booking engine?

You may be wondering as to why we are pointing this out but we do this simply as a reminder for the reasons you should be using a booking engine in the first place rather than going direct to the hotel, product or services website.

We should take for granted in today's age that a booking engine will be convenient to use but what you really should be focused on when choosing how or where to book online is in terms of what value does the booking engine provide?

How to find the best vacation package discounts?

The point being, it's now a relatively easy process to use a search engine or review system like Trip Advisor to figure out what to expect from your next holiday destination but when it comes to actually booking the trip and if you want to save money, it's important to use a reliable source who will provide you with a specific value.

Unfortunately for the major travel brands of today such as Expedia or, a new law was passed recently called ”rate parity” which essentially restricted the booking engines from offering discounts anymore or the best price for vacation packages online. If you are unsure about this, just check the same vacation package across Orbitz, Expedia and Travelocity where you will see the same price on each.

No, the travel market is changing and standard booking engines like the above no longer offer the same advantage as the one website to which you can narrow your search.

The travel membership club Hotels Etc. is now widely known to be the one website where you can find the best vacation discounts online. The parity laws do not apply to membership clubs which has left Hotels etc in the position of being able to provide their clients with a booking engine that offers discounts and vacation packages at a much lower cost than any of the travel brands.

So yes, by all means do some research online using the search engines or review systems available but don't just stop at finding the vacation package you prefer and instead join for a minimal fee to save money on the best vacation packages. Here is an amazing video that will show you how easy it is to find the discount you need.

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