Congratulations! You have found the love of your life and are ready to make the big move -- marriage! How do you select the right engagement ring, to make her engagement memorable and wonderful? What ring will you present when you pop the big question?
Selecting the engagement ring that makes her heart beam with happiness pride and joy is now up to you.
However, this can seem like an impossible and overwhelming task for many men as to where to begin when you are finally ready to tie the knot?

This is an exciting but also scary part of your life -- here are some tips on what to do to make the experience go smooth. Read up and get ready to wow your loved one with the engagement ring of her dreams!

What Will She Like?
This is the most common question asked by men. The answer can be surprisingly simple.

Rather than start with an unlimited number of options to choose from and feel overwhelmed -- but there is no need.

Certain engagement ring designs have exploded in popularity. They are sure to make her dreams come true.
One of the most popular options is a 14k white gold engagement ring. These designs have a timeless appeal, due to their beauty value and durability. Make her smile!

A Beautiful Band Makes a Beautiful Ring
White gold has a bright luster and shine that makes the ring truly sparkle on her hand. White gold is an alloy, starting with the same quality of traditional yellow gold and stamped accordingly.

It is then mixed with another metal, such as palladium, rhodium or silver. This creates a wonderful, brilliant shine to the band...sure to complement the sparkly shine of the diamond.

True Value
White gold offers the bright shine of platinum, but at a more economical price. White gold is an alloy, coated in a highly lustrous metal, and offers the shine and beauty of platinum but without the high price. This can allow you to purchase a more impressive diamond for the ring.

Many grooms are looking for a way to purchase a more impressive ring for their sweetheart. There is no better value than the beauty of a 14k white gold diamond engagement ring.

This is due to the strong metal alloy used in white gold, making it harder and more scuff resistant than a standard yellow gold ring. One common fear in engaged couples is damage to their rings over time. White gold offers one of the most durable solutions to this problem, leading to their unmatched growth in popularity.

Final Thoughts
a couple's engagement can be the happiest time of both of your lives. Do not let the stress of selecting a ring overwhelm you. A 14k white gold engagement ring offers your fiance the beauty and lasting shine that she will adore for a lifetime.

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