I was with a lover tonight, someone with super-fire chemistry connected to me. Every time we’ve gotten together since randomly meeting at a sex club, it’s been fireworks of fun and frisky fucking frolic.

This lover noted something. She said “I’ve been called a unicorn by one of my partners. And you’re a unicorn too, by definition. Thus, we are two unicorns fucking right now!! How great is that?!

I could do very little but reply enthusiastically and say, “Yeah, you’re right! We are two unicorns horsing around in the bed meadows, and we are a combination that can expand in so many ways!”

This lover is pansexual and polyamorous, as am I. And they are more willing to be with women than I am willing to be with men, but it’s still possible. It happens here and there, but it more often happens that I’m with a trans woman or gender fluid person instead of just being with a heterosexual woman. I’m open minded to whatever’s clever in today’s pleasure endeavor, Heather!

I can comply with the term “trysexual” as much of a joke as it kinda sounds, ha ha. Exploration is a major part of being a sex educator, and I’m a lifelong learner!

That being said, we both rode off into our third round of sex after realizing what kind of passionate creatures we were, and it started making me extrapolate the erotic…

I thought of this lover, and how she was interested in another lover of mine that was at a party recently. Both of them are into women, and both of them are also into me. We just might love down.

I thought of this lover, and another dom or sub to play with together. They are kinky like that, and had some fun spanking me into subspace in a post-coital moment of surprise joy recently.

I thought of this lover, and me and maybe someone else with possibly a potentially medium-sized comparable appetite for sex as me going to town on her deliciously insatiable body. Oooh yeah!

I thought of this lover, and what a trans woman would be like with them, because they have been quite open minded to the possibility of anything happening, and we’ve been to a few sex clubs…

So much is possible with this lover, and it’s been a blessing to feel the expansion and growth, as the fantasies unfold into realities and indelible memories.

Our only limitation is time and space, and we both have a pretty open schedule in our lives. It’s been a beautiful experience to feel as it becomes real!

Two unicorns plus two open hearts equals true poly bliss!

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Polyamorous and threesome are a way of life. If you truly find your own unicorns, you will enjoy a different lifestyle.