• Hear :
  • What is the very first thing that one does in solving a customer’s problem? Smile :) It is the best that a person can give even in bad times and won’t even bother to lose his/her job. Teams capable of handling i-rate customers are always considered great but even though they follow the simple rules of gelling with the customers. Listed:

    • What customers feel?
    • What are they saying?
    • If something is down, how are they feeling and what are their suggestions.

  • Survey :
  • Companies big or small tend to survey in a discrete manner in-order to collect data in understanding the performance of its work. Some of the great questions that a surveyor might ask without the hassle of breaking free into the emotions of a user are:

    • Did you find what you were looking for?
    • What were you actually looking for?

    One can get a feel of the same by taking usage of two of the most popular survey sites on web namely:

    • KISSinsights
    • Survey Monkey

  • Reviews :
  • One such great way of bringing your site on top of Google is by reviews. Reviewing a company is great as it makes surveys look easier to perform in the name of reviews. Today, customers can review on a product or a company just by visiting sites like facebook and linkedin. Also reviewing a review in a constant manner is crucial as it tells how people are discussing you and the changes they expect from you the next time.

  • In-person :
  • Sometimes we are so techno-driven that we almost forget the healing touch of just talking to our customers. Talking on products/company is the best way of getting quick and accurate info on what you intend to get out of your customers without any harassment. Also it is not at-all necessary only to talk on face, the feedback can be taken over phone as-well.

  • Blog posts :
  • At this point of time, we all know the very importance of posts on blogs. Be it a company CEO’s blog or a blog managed by a bunch of employees doesn’t make any difference as-far-as it satisfies the desire of getting something out of the blog. On that note, putting some of the words into the ears of visitors might prove beneficial in getting tons of customer feedback.

  • Feature-Request-Form :
  • One is not perfect at work until it gets the will of ten others. That’s my take on an improved service. “Contact us with suggestions” is such an experience on your site that would collect enormous data in building services out of your own user experiences. You would definitely love the ever-growing continuous flow of valuable feedbacks from such a simple idea.

  • Social :
  • A simple way of getting what you really want from your customers and also marketing your stuff on the way. Social platform is big and companies find it easy in talking/texting real-time with their customers. Thus, one feels good when asked about their feedback related to work that they are really involved with.

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Amitava Deb is the owner of Misture (A SEO Development Company) and writes on SEO, Technology, Gadgets and Blogging related topics. To contribute, one may follow his facebook page or google plus page.