It’s all about fulfillment.

Why is it so few adults go through life with a perma-smile feeling fulfilled and playing their game full out while, unfortunately, many go through life feeling unsatisfied? I think the individuals who are happy and satisfied are THRIVING in what I call the FULFILLMENT TRIANGLE.

The Fulfillment Triangle is exactly what it sounds like... a three sided shape made up of three components that balance one another to create a solid structure for your life and career. The three components are: passion, talent and opportunity.

Although it can be used for many areas of your life, (including relationships, health, environment, etc.) we’re going to focus on how to earn and make a living. This diagram asks you to ponder using your true passions to do something you are good at, and also something there demand for in the marketplace.

Let me say it again. Are you doing something you love to do? Do you do it well, and say things like “AND THEY PAY ME TO DO THIS?” This is fulfillment. This is playing your game full out and THRIVING.

How does it relate to your life? Think of friends and family that seem to thoroughly enjoy their jobs, careers, and businesses. Observe how comfortable they are with themselves, the quality of their relationships, and their generosity and desire to assist others thrive. Now think about the people you know who struggle daily. They tell you often how much they hate their job, their boss, their co-workers. They lack excitement for what they do daily. They are NOT currently operating to their full potential. Is this YOU?

I challenge you to open your eyes and look deep into your life. Can you identify your passions, talents and opportunities to create your Fulfillment Triangle?

Tim’s Top 10 Tips For finding Where You Best Fit In and THRIVE

1. Assess where you are with the Fulfillment Triangle in your career and other needed areas of your life.

2. Get quiet and be brutally honest with yourself.

3. Figure out what changes, tweaks, etc. are needed to get started.

4. Put it in writing. Write out what you intend to do, including a timeline.

5. Be patient, but stay actively engaged in this transformation.

6. Know that we get less done in a year and more done in five years than we think we can.

7. Make the tough, big decisions on career, friends, relationships, health, etc. – No pain, no gain.

8. Recognize careers often change over time and we can change with the situation.

9. Know that you are worth it and worthy of the life of your dreams.

10. When you get to the top of the mountain. Throw down the rope and help the next person up.

Bonus tip: Find your sweet spot and focus that. Delegate the rest, build leaders under you and continue to grow and help them flourish and thrive too. The ride is more fun with a great team!

I hope you Dream, Plan and LIVE the most fulfilling life possible. YOU can do it by having the courage to fix the things that are not working and have the resiliency to play full out daily.

Author's Bio: 

Tim would tell you that he got off to a slow start. After growing up in the rural town of Portola in Northern California and barely graduating high school, Tim Rhode found himself at the age of 25 working as a grocery clerk with two young children to provide for.

He eventually found his “niche” selling real estate; and from 1986 to 2000, he sold over 2,500 homes and from 1997 to 2006 he invested in over 100 properties. Tim focused on saving money, keeping his expenses low, and playing solid “financial defense” which allowed him to basically retire, and he was financially free at the age of 40.

Not wanting to play hike, bike or ski all day, Tim threw his energy into his true passion: helping people thrive and live their most fulfilling life. He founded the nonprofit 1Life Fully Lived to help people of all ages gain the tools and skills they need to thrive and also co-founded GoBundance, a high-level mastermind, with David Osborn, Pat Hiban and Mike McCarthy to help healthy, wealthy, generous people lead epic lives. We have a women’s tribe now!

Tim has also authored numerous books and has been featured on a variety of podcasts and media outlets. He now lives near his children in the High Sierras with his wife and dog.

You can connect with Tim at