Finding out where we belong in life is very important, and that answer can be gained by going inward. We intrinsically already know what we are meant for; we just tend to overlook this. We instead look outside of ourselves for the answers, assuming they will come from somewhere or someone else. We follow plans or ideas without knowing what it is we really want. If you took your plan for the future and wrote it down and then beside it wrote your dreams, would they line up and fall in sync with each other? Or are you living another idea of what your life should be? Which life is worth living, the idea of how it should be, following your plans and schedules, or your dreams, the dreams that you know deep down you are meant for? Living as the real you, doing the most real thing you can imagine, the thing that speaks to you and connects to you.

When you do what you are meant for, you feel right, connected, and part of life. When you write down your dreams, what comes out? Does it surprise you or is it something you've always known? These are not just fantasies, but reality; every life deserves to live the life that it is meant for. It may seem like we can't all make our dreams come true or that the dream seems impossible. Maybe you don't even know how to go from here to the point where you are living your dream. But realize this, with every step another one follows. With every choice there are choices further on bringing you forward. Don't assume it all happens at once, and also do not assume that it is impossible. All things are possible.

Who do you imagine you really are? What part of your life today can you alter into that new person, the one that is living their dreams? What part of you wishes for a change and sees the possibilities of how even in the smallest way it can begin? Don't think giant steps, but rather the possibilities of right now, in this moment. Think about this moment, where you are, who you are, and what you really want. Shift, change, alter your life in ways that are possible, that lead you to your dreams. Stop living the plan that doesn't connect to you, instead connect to the real dream in you. Begin the steps that lead you in the right direction and the journey that you are meant for.

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