So you think that when it comes to finding your passion, it has to be unplanned and automatic? That you either love it or leave it? That either you like your work or hate it? That it can't be forced or generated--especially for the stuff you don't presently enjoy? Well, think again--do you know that you can find your passion for anything?

Yes, all you need is just a dose of persistence and a bit of an open mind. By making some adjustments on the activities you indulge in, yes, finding your passion is possible.

Whether you'll be exercising, working, studying, doing household chores, almost any activity could motivate you and you'll end up liking the stuff you have to do. So the question is, what are some of the ways how to find your passion?

1) Find ways which you can express yourself. Find some underlying opportunities to express yourself. For example, you can have a new style of doing the laundry, altering your new styles in whatever tasks you do each day--expressing your own individuality and novelty.

2) But first, be curious. Finding your passion means you're curious. Let go of your present limiting views and perceptions and start from the standpoint in which you're totally clueless on a subject. Then, you can inject your own version of innovation to stir your interest.

3) Stop getting frustrated. Don't worry about the results yet, but try experimenting more and more till you improve your talents. If something is already too difficult for you that it's making you feel pressured, then, take a deep breath and slow down.

4) Got talents? Use them in finding your passion. Make use of your existing skills to add pizzazz to any activity. For instance, are you the artistic type of person? Then perhaps you can utilize your artistic inclinations to paint pictures to help yourself in studying.

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