Finding You're Why in Life

When I was depressed and had social anxiety the biggest thing that I noticed was that I was in a constant state of apathy, which is the lowest level of consciousness that you could be in…

It means that you are lethargic, self-loathing and you're laying around being a victim. You don't even want to try, you're not upset or angry, you have just accepted your fate and you're sitting there defeated by life.

No wonder you're lazy or unmotivated your whole train of thinking is based around feeling like there's 'nothing' you can really do.

The quickest way to snap yourself out of it is not through 'trying' to be joyful and happy or even to set goals that you want to accomplish.
Don't try to force yourself to be motivated and passionate.
What you need to do is to get angry at life and how you've been living so far. You need to say 'Enough is Enough'.

This, personally, is what completely changed me for the better:
One night while I was sitting there playing video games, at the time I was a janitor, I thought "that's it, I want to make something of myself, I want to make a difference in the world." Not because I was inspired and happy or that everything was perfect and going my way, but because I got pissed off.

I decided enough was enough, "I'm not going to stay where I am anymore, I don't want to keep experiencing this." It just felt like I had no real control of my life.

I'm not saying you to revolutionize the way you're thinking or make some kind of magic switch in your mind, you don't have to take a magic pill that's going to make everything feel much better. You simply need to get very angry at yourself, angry at everything around you, angry at where you are in your life and say that "enough is enough" and it's time for you to step up!

You have to stop repeating the same old patterns because clearly, they are not making any difference to the way you feel about yourself and the life you are currently living.

The moment that you get really angry something awesome happens, you start to feel this little pull deep inside of yourself, it pulls you to take action, because now you have the energy necessary to make changes.

If you are in constantly in a state of apathy it is over, but the moment you get pissed off at your life you're going to do something about it.
Simply look at the areas of your life that you want to improve, what you want to accomplish and start thinking about at least one thing that you would really like to experience.

For me personally, it all started with getting rid of my social anxiety I just decided that I was not going to feel like I couldn't talk to, or, connect with people. So I just worked on that one skill purely because I felt like I'd had enough of being a shy guy.

Further down the line, you will find that there will be many opportunities to improve your way of thinking, you can decide that you're going to be a high consciousness type of person.
You could meditate and work out, and have great habits that would help you to improve. But it has to start with you getting pissed off with your current situation!

Countless celebrities account their success to that one day in their life, or even one moment, where they said: "That's it, I don't want to live like this anymore."

When you finally get sick of your sickness;
that's the day that turns your life around.

Author's Bio: 

From dropping out of school and working as a janitor to building multiple 7-figure profit businesses from scratch. Rafael built a brand as a motivational speaker in his early twenties, quickly reaching over 30-million people with his speeches. This became a gateway to supporting incredible entrepreneurs all over the world.

By helping bootstrapping business owners, Rafael learned how to make the very most out of very little...
Leading to astonishing ROI's for his clients, and a thriving consulting firm of his own.