If you want a short cut to success in MLM it is a fabulous idea to find an marketing system that you can simply plug into and get your marketing up running quickly. But as with anything there are only a couple that work very well, so there are a few things you must consider before selecting an MLM marketing system.

These systems usually comprise of a lead tracker, templated webpages, and an autoresponder series. You get duplicated websites. The only difference might be a short blurb about you and one or two pictures. Below this is either just a generic webpage outlining the wonders of working from home (and honestly, those really don't work anymore) or a duplicated page showing the success story of a leader in your business or your sponsor. Using the first kind means you will have very few leads as they just don't convert, and using the second will only create leads that are interested in working with the leader shown on the page, not you.

Even if these pages did convert well it is next to impossible to get decent traffic to them. Remember Google's goal is to get high quality, relevent, unique content for it's visitors. You can never rank highly if your page is exactly the same as hundreds of others and is just a capture page. If you instead go for pay-per-click you will still find it very hard to get decent traffic. Even here Google doesn’t like ads to go to capture pages, it wants good content. You will have to pay insanely high costs per click for very little traffic.

A good MLM marketing system must have these three components.

You must be able to brand yourself.
You don’t have to learn how to build a website. But the template must allow you to add or change the content and put up videos or pictures of you.You need to be able to add pages or articles so you can build the content of the page (which will help your Google ranking). Not everyone can build a website, but I'm going to assume most of you can type. You need leads who see you as a leader and are interested in working with you. Your webpage has to be about YOU.

It must have a proven marketing funnel system.
Again, this is not just about having a good series of autoresponders. You must be delivering content and value after someone signs up as a lead. If a lead sees you as a leader they are more likely to see value in creating a business relationship with you. Now there are a lot of components to a good marketing funnel, but one of the major ones is this. It has to be giving valuable information to the leads, and also show them good products that could benefit them in their journey to become a successful business owner. Doing this right is important, they must be GOOD affiliate products that will help them and will allow you to earn some money even if people don't get started with your company. And the person has found a good resource through you. Win-win. Make this easy, use an MLM marketing system that has set this up for you. That has researched and selected great products that truly assist your prospects.

This is possibly the most important component. It has to give you great training that is constantly being added to. You could have the best website that brands you and delivers a great funnel system, but without real training in internet marketing you are dead in the water. The old rules don't apply, you can't just call your friends and family hoping they'll join your company. You need education to continue to provide good value to prospects, and you have to be able to get thousands of visitors to your site.

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