Food and the impact it has on us is fascinating. Some of us have an emotional connection to certain types of food. For example a slice of apple pie might remind you of your grandmother’s cooking. In this case food brings up good feelings and memories. You might be the type to turn to pie, ice cream or other comfort foods because you’re feeling stressed out or sad. Maybe you just can’t turn down the gooey chocolate chip cookie or creamy cupcake that your neighborhood bakery makes. Or you might be the type to just eat to feel nourished and don’t have any emotional attachment to food. Wherever you are, it’s good to be aware of your relationship with food.

A recent New York Times article looks at the science of why we overeat and more specifically why it tends to be the highly processed food. In a newly published book The End of Overeating, the author David Kessler, MD finds that the food industry creates food in a way that taps into our brain and stimulates our desire for more. The more processed the food, the more stimulating it will be and the more we’ll want. You might think you're weak if you overeat, but really your brain is reacting to the many different flavors and telling you that you want more of everything.

It’s good to have an understanding for why you crave certain foods and to check in with yourself.

Do you love apple pie because it reminds you of your grandmother’s home cooking? This is fine if you can stop at one piece and it’s every once in a while. If you find yourself wanting baked goods often check in with yourself. Are you unhappy in one of your relationships and needing comfort?

Is food a source of comfort for you and you turn to eat when you’re stressed out or unhappy? Instead of turning to food to relax, it’s good to find some other hobbies. If you feel stressed try a yoga class or go for a walk. If you are unhappy or lonely call a friend or a relative and spend a few minutes connecting

Take a few minutes now to journal what your relationship is with food.

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