During a conversation with my publisher and friend Tami Simon earlier this week, I reflected that in the past couple of days I had spoken with people from three generations – Millennials, Gen Yers, and Boomers – all of whom were echoing the same sentiments. They all said something to this effect: “I want to create a situation in my work where I am pursuing my purpose to make the world a better place, while making a good living.”

One of them, an a deeply thoughtful 35-year old MBA and strategic planner, reflecting on a shift he is actively pursuing, from a full-time high level corporate job to one that is more aligned with his passion and sense of purpose (to make the world a better place through business) reflected that it was time to “stop the cycle that’s bringing sadness” for himself and others. He wants to get up in the morning with the fire of purpose and sense of meaning that comes from doing something that serves life, rather than delivers ROI to investors and big salaries to top executives.

Each of the conversations end up in explorations of the idea of and real possibilities for collaboration, and in the collaboration conversation, joy appeared. Just the thought of collaborating in shared purpose in Working for Good, brought joy into the space.

It does take a village to raise a child, and it takes collaboration to raise ourselves and each other up, liberate ourselves, and fulfill our aspirations for Working for Good.

Have a great holiday weekend, and if you have time to reflect, consider who you might reach out to, to explore collaboration in your pursuit of Working for Good.

Be well,


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