Each day is a rewarding, exciting journey when you are living from a center of purpose and meaning. And the following article makes finding your life purpose simple and fun.

Today more than ever people are interested in connecting with a sense of purpose. As a species we are no longer happy obeying social norms and drifting through a life that fails to fulfill us.

Finding your life's purpose is the most important pursuit you can undertake. And once you've made a clear discovery regarding what your life must be about you'll never again return to the mundane, meaningless drift that billions of other humans are trapped within.

Finding Your Life Purpose Step 1:

The first thing to do is be completely honest about what matters to you most in life. Many people call this defining your core values.

Avoid thinking about the many principles your parents, spouse, coworkers, college professors, and religious leaders think you should care about. Really be honest and ponder the ideals that want to build your life around.

Use an index card to write down the main 8 to 12 ideals that you value above all else.

For example, you might value safety, security, peace, personal freedom, and thought. Or you might value creativity, spontaneity, wealth, and competition.

It's totally up to you to decide what your core principles are. And to be honest you shouldn't' have to give this much thought; just shift your attention to the concepts and notions that make you happy, and that fill you with energy and vigor.

Finding Your Life Purpose Step 2:

Once you have your values list, it's time to uncover your natural talents and strengths. In what areas of life do you effortlessly excel?

Make another list; this time include all your best aptitudes, and don't be shy!

Are you good with your hands as a builder or painter?

Are you an outstanding listener and communicator?

Do you have empathy with animals and a way of relating to your four-legged friends?

Do you love being in nature and find yourself drawn to adventures like hiking and skiing?

Are you a natural-born computer wizard and video game master?
Think of the things you are really good at and that you enjoy immensely. What activities could you literally spend all day immersed in?

When you are engaged in work or play that involve your core talents time may stand still or fly by. In other words you have a deep love for and exhibit above average skill within these activities or applications.

Finding Your Life Purpose Step 3:

When you know what your true values are, and you understand your core talents, you've laid the foundation for your life's purpose. From here all you need to do is combine the two lists into a mission plan that adds value to the world or helps other human beings.

Your ultimate life purpose is to be happy doing the things you love and attending to the causes that move you. But above all living on purpose is about serving others and making the world a better place by expressing your highest values and honoring your natural talents.

You were probably expecting some sort of ultra-complex philosophical process. Sorry to disappoint, but the above three steps are the perfect blueprint for finding and living your unique purpose.

I hope you'll take action on these suggestions!

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