Nowadays, are happening very often fire damage. This increase is coming as results of very high temperatures and from the carelessness of people too. While fire damage happens, you aren’t truly prepared for the destruction of your house by the fire, you can attempt to minimize the losses. IBX Services as a fire damage restoration company is always ready to help you. In these cases, we have some advice and a guide that will help you avoid expensive repair bills and future issues due to weakened structures and smoke damage.

The Assessment
The primary thing that you have to do is assess how much of your home might have smoke or fire damage. Also to know how deep did the fire penetrate the structure of the house? Have there to much smoke and soot? Do your walls and fixtures show signs of heat damage?

All of the questions will take an answer if you hire a professional fire damage restoration company that will allow a complete and comprehensive assessment of the damage. Everything should be recorded and documented for insurance purposes. All untouched furniture needs to be removed from the home as soon as possible as smoke lingers and embeds itself into fibers long after a fire. The sooner that you can air out these pieces, the better.

Experts Only
Choosing a very qualified company as IBX Services, to do fire damage restoration is the right thing.

We make sure that every risk to have totally passed.
We clean up every area of your house and talk to your home insurance company for recommendations.
Also, we make signing repair contracts due to the urgency of the situation.
Securing the Foundation


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Blerina Laska