What don’t you know that could save your life?

Based on the Bureau of Labor Statistics the number of fatalities from fires more than doubled from 2009 to 2010 and, it is the highest count since 2003. This is an alarming statistic because a fire can breakout anywhere, at any time, and the affects can be fatal.

Ask yourself the following questions:

1.Do you know the evacuation procedures in the event of a fire?
2.Do you know specifically what measures to take at work to help prevent fires?
3.Do you know the location of all onsite Fire Extinguishers in the case of an emergency?
4.Do you know the best exits to use from any location in the building that you work in?
5.Do you know where the fire alarms are on every floor?
6.Do you know the proper procedure to use when you encounter smoke?
7.Do you know what the different types of fires are and how to effectively deal with them?

These and many questions like them can typically draw a blank stare from employees when questioned, but any one of the answers could be the difference between life and death for an employee. The question is - whose responsibility is it to ensure all employees know the answers?

Unfortunately this is a "shared" responsibility, which makes it difficult. All employers should be responsible to ensure their employees know the basics of where the fire extinguishers are located, where the fire alarms are located, and what the evacuation procedures are for the building. But, it is also an employee’s responsibility to learn this information simply because their life, and potentially, the lives of others may depend on it.

Online Fire Extinguisher and Fire Safety Course is a great solution for any organization with more than 50 employees, as it can be added to the online list of new employee’s courses with the orientation information that is required for all new hires. It is also beneficial as refresher training for all existing employees who can help less experienced employees in a time of crisis. No one wants to be the one to say "I told you so" if someone dies in a fire. Online awareness training can help build awareness for team members who may be faced with a life or death situation.

COSTA, an organization that brings together the top safety courses in Canada, provides an extensive online Fire Extinguisher and Fire Safety Training course which covers important information on how a fire burns, types of fires and fire extinguishers, basic fire fighting procedures, strategies on controlling fires and more.

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