Technology is progressively updating day by day. So, modernizing software to be more cloud based can be the best solution to keep ahead in the industry. For that, you have two options, you can choose a way of using individual components like building blocks or you should choose a more turnkey, all in one solution. You can use a mix of two, likewise a hybrid cloud. There are three backend solutions that are top choices of developers- Google’s Firebase, Amazon Web Services(AWS), MongoDB. Also, all these three have different domains, different functionality and scale. To choose the best one among them, let us see, Firebase vs. AWS vs. MongoDB .

Firebase vs. AWS vs. MongoDB-
1. Firebase-
Firebase is a ready- to- use mobile and web application development solution by Google. It is a cloud server. Also, its services are good at starting stage. It is not well developed like AWS. Firebase allows developers to quickly spin up mobile app prototypes from scratch. Similarly, its extra features allows developers to grow and improve apps over time.

Features of Firebase-
App messaging and push notifications.
Insights and Analytics.
It supports IOT.
Real time database design and file storage.
Server Management.
Scaling and also Load balancing as demand increases.
Pros and Cons of Firebase-
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Mohit Singh