Cost is always a concern when planning to introduce a fireplace into a home. The cost of installation for a wood burning fire in an existing residence can be prohibitive. The expense of a contractor to install gas pipes for a gas fireplace can also extend most budget limitations. But installation and cost of installing an electric fireplace that includes logs that produce realistic electric fires is both affordable and easy to install.

When an individual can use a product without adding the expense of a contractor or installation specialist there is an automatic savings. Many of the electric fireplaces today have been designed to replicate a regular wood burning fireplace. They not only have the casing for the unit, but also come with a faux chimney that fits against a wall. Both the fireplace and 'chimney' are easily installed with the only requirement being an electrical outlet.

Because of the significant savings afforded most people who heat their homes with electricity rather than gas, electric fireplaces have grown in popularity. The electrical heaters that were designed strictly for function have been replaced with ornate carved fireplaces offering mantels and unique styling that fits any room.

Many individuals seeking a small heater for a room are now selecting an electric fireplace that can be plugged into a wall socket. The logs produce realistic electric fires but do not require a chimney or mantel to be safe. In areas of the home where a large fireplace or more heat is required a 240 volt electrical outlet will provide enough heat to comfortably heat an entire room.

A feature that is included in electrical fireplaces makes it a cost effective option for heating a home. These fireplaces are build with fans that project heat from the fireplace throughout the room. If a person stands in front of the fireplace they experience the same flow of warm air that is felt with a wood burning fireplace. In addition the fans are build to fit the size of the fireplace that is being used so the proper flow of warm air is dispersed through a room based on the fireplace and room size.

Electric fireplaces have controls which resemble a regular thermostat. Many can be set at a specific temperature which allows individuals to leave their home and return to the same comfortable temperature that they desire. The logs which produce the electric fires do not burn out and when plugged in produce the same look and feel of a wood burning log.

If a residence already has a wood burning fireplace installed, there is no need to make structural changes to it when using electrical logs. By closing the flue of the chimney electric logs can be placed in the bed of the fireplace and plugged into a nearby wall socket. These logs create the illusion of wood logs but the electric fires that are produced emit a steady, regulated temperature and do not burn out. When an individual is ready to retire or leave the room it is very easy to unplug the logs and there is no need to worry about hot embers or the cost of a running pilot light if the fireplace is gas run.

The efficiency and effectiveness of electric fireplaces provides a great opportunity to reduce the cost of heating a home without sacrificing the beauty that a fireplace brings. The logs producing electric fires whether in an electric fireplace or a standard fireplace costs about the same as using three lightbulbs. Yet one is able to enjoy the warmth and coziness that a regular log fire provides.

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