Fireworks – What an amazing song by Katy Perry. She reminds me of my inner strength and how we just need to ignite and shine and how amazing it is to know we have all that we need to succeed already within us. Like a firecracker has everything inside and when ignited explodes with bang of color leaving everybody watching in awe.

Are you sometimes afraid to express who you really, really, really are, not allowing yourself to shine and have a great life, focusing on your flaws and insecurities feeling stuck and being afraid? Maybe now is the time to ignite your light and explode, focusing on what you really, really, really want and where you really, really, really want to be? Decide now to start the New Year with a bang, shining brightly leaving everybody in awe of how amazing you really, really, really are.
I agree it’s scary, but think of the excitement just before you light the firecracker and then as it explodes with a bang. The issue is really, really, really about how brave you can be now. Just start to imagine yourself having ignited your inner light and exploding into that you are, achieving your goals and shining brightly. Ignite, the light, and let it shine!

Author's Bio: 

Bennie Louw is a Life Coach, NLP/ HNLP Practitioner & Coach, Hypnotherapist

With close to 20 years of recruitment experience, placing hundreds people and interviewing thousands of jobseekers, I have come to realise how many people are stressed out, depressed, miserable or stuck and powerless in their jobs. It is my intention to offer you affordable career coaching utilising effective NLP techniques backed up by years of industry experience. The focus is transformation of your life, through effective coaching getting to know what you want and gaining confidence to go for it.

BA. Hons, Certified NLP and HNLP Practitioner & Coach, Certified Hypnotherapist