First college dorm or apartment? Congrats! You’re finally on your own. Chances are, your new place doesn’t have a lot of storage space, especially in the bathroom. Check out these space saving bathroom organizers that make it possible for you to squeeze in all the amenities you need in tiny bathrooms.

Got a flair for design? You’ll love the Eco-Friendly Bamboo Bathroom Storage Collection. This group of items makes it easy and affordable to store all your bathroom essentials, and maintains a stylish, uniform appearance. The two-tier cabinet door organizer is great for storing your cleaning supplies or bulky cosmetic bottles.

Nowhere to keep all your shower necessities? A shower organizer is a must. This set features a telescopic tower that fits in the corner of your shower. Attached baskets are deep and roomy, providing ample space for all your shower essentials. It also includes handy hanging rods for washcloths, razors, etc. The three-roll vertical toilet tissue reserve is an ideal solution for those additional rolls of toilet tissue. There’s always a question of where to store feminine supplies. The single toilet tissue reserve with lid has a separate compartment that’s perfect for this purpose. With all these storage options and more, this bamboo collection is all you need for an attractive, well-organized bathroom.

Many first-time apartment or dorm dwellers forget that the areas next to the sink and over the toilet provide great places for storage. If your bathroom has space in these areas, you just need to find a good organizer. Fortunately, there’s the Over Toilet Storage and Sink Saver Organizer. The base unit fits over most any bathroom fixtures, so it will almost certainly work for you. Base features two roomy storage towers, as well as dispensers for facial and toilet tissue.

The Over Toilet Storage and Sink Saver Organizer allow for plenty of storage in cramped places. These products are available in neutral designs that work with any number of colors and decors. They fit over all standard fixtures and come with two roomy storage towers. For additional storage, combine this piece with the handy top unit, featuring two more well-sized towers, as well as open shelves. There’s also a vanity unit that adds tons of storage next to the sink. This tiny unit has it all: drawers with dividers, a magazine rack and a chic frosted glass top. This neutral-toned set complements any bathroom décor.

There’s so much available space underneath the sink. And there are many fantastic organizers to help you maximize under-sink space. The Under Bath Sink Double Shelves fit right in next to the plumbing under the sink. This handy, dual-shelf cabinet space-saver has drawers that glide easily to give you instant access to toiletries, bath essentials, hair grooming appliances, brushes and more. This easy-to-install unit is great for tiny bathrooms.

Another space-saving gem: the Gray Expandable Under Sink Shelf. This sleek, steel mesh unit features two wide shelves that grant loads of extra space under the sink. Without an under-sink organizer, you only have room on one level of the area. This incredibly-useful unit literally doubles your available space under any sink. If kitchen space is also limited, this space-saver is a fine addition to the area under the sink in that room, as well. Each shelf features five removable

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