1. Your Pet Peeves

Drivers who cut you off in traffic. Long lines at airport security. (Yawn.) You might as well get a forehead tattoo that says BORING WHINER. On the other hand, if you can tell a story about an impatient traveler who convinced 43 people to let him or her cut in line, then you’re out of boring territory and into the land of intrigue. Especially if you’re that traveler.

2. Gripes About Your Job

Your dates don’t want to hear what a pain in the ankle your boss is. They might not want to hear about your job at all unless you work on a movie lot, or you train dolphins, or you have the magical gift of making any story funny. If you’re that skilled a storyteller, read no further ’cause you’ve got it made.

3. Your Aches and Pains

My friend Jack had 22 surgeries after crashing his motorcycle. Did he talk about these? No way. Instead he talked about someone he met in rehab: ten-year-old Tina who was recovering from brain surgery. She couldn’t walk yet, but she could scoot around in her wheelchair. Leaving pink feathers in everybody’s room was her way of letting friends know that an angel had been there. Because Jack was interested in Tina, he made me care about her, too. And about him.

4. Politics That Are Polar Opposites From Your Date's Views

Some folks recommend staying away from all poli-talk early on. I say it’s fair game IF—big IF—you and your date are voting on the same team. But keep it light unless you’re both poli sci majors who enjoy debates. Republican political consultant Mary Matalin and Democratic political consultant James Carville hit it off, so you might, too.

5. Sex and Tasteless Sexual Jokes

My date dropped an Alka Seltzer into a water-filled shot glass. Then he put a condom over it. I forget what the joke was. The condom didn’t stand up, and the joke didn’t get a rise out of me either.

6. Drugs and Booze, Wild Times You Had in College…or Last Week

It’s a date, not a frat-house brag fest. On the other hand, if your date likes that kind of first-date conversation topic, carry on.

7. The Sucky Economy

Oh, for cryin’ out loud. Don’t go there because your tears will dilute your drink.

8. What a Good Product You Sell, and How Your Date Should Buy a Dozen or Two

Can you spell “pushy”? How about “inappropriate”? Even if the date is going badly, don’t try to recoup your investment by selling your fat-busting, job-getting, gasoline-saving gizmo.

9. Battles of the Sexes

This topic is poisonous. If you hate your date and want to spend the evening with your dog, start complaining about your ex, and your pain should be over soon. As Henry Kissinger said, “Nobody will ever win the Battle of the Sexes. There’s just too much fraternizing with the enemy.”

That’s 9 no-no topics for your first date conversations. What ARE you going to talk about on your first date?

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